Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Round 2)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280pressure points.
the places on your body that heat up when you’re…
you have many pressure points on your body,
so naturally,
you should always splash your scents on those points of your body.
i usually apply my scents..

scentcouple years ago i was chillin’ with a few people.
one was a “straight” wolf i had a crush on.
well i was lookin’ fly and wearing my scent at the time,
burberry touch.
  problem is that i couldn’t smell it anymore.
i put it on my:


i figured it had worn off.
well as soon as he got close to me,
this vixen who was with us said:

“damn who smells good in here??”

…and of course,
the “straight” wolf said it was me.
he was practically in my neck.
the “can you tell i may to beat that?” look all over his face.
i started to get warm all over my body and it activated the scent.
i couldn’t smell it,
but as long as he could…
tumblr_lq9sriyuns1r1is3ko1_500…which is the reason you don’t drown yourself in your cologne.
not only does it waste your stash,
but if you can smell yourself,
that means you applied way too much and silentlly killing people.
some scents you will only smell as you move around,
while others are light enough for intimate moments.
cuddle time and booty calls.
nothing better than someone sexy in your crib:

sweat pants
sexy drawz
an intriguing scent of “sex”

…and you know how that gets the drawz on the floor.30t5th4…right?

lowkey: the power of soap is still the original scent.
deodorant and toothpaste as well.
don’t ever forget those in your arsenal of “fresh”.
foxes/wolves/and hybrids don’t stank.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Round 2)”

  1. Not sure if this works for everybody but i’ve found that spraying the cologne on my skin after applying lotion makes it last longer. Not good with a heavy scented lotion tho. Works best with soft creamy scents like cocoa butter or vanilla.

      1. Agreed. That mixed with a nice spicy scent like Burberry London….. I hear howling in the distance lol. Love this time of year!

    1. That’s interesting. What about petroleum jelly? I heard it can make the fragrance last long too.

  2. Nice guide J. The pressure points allow the fragrance to get past the opening notes & reveal the layers of itself.

    NOTE: I learned a while back that it may seem like a waste, but one spray on your clothing can last a bit longer than on your skin… and that all fragrances don’t work on all people. Your body chemistry will play with or against the scent.

    1. ^very good point b!
      i don’t really spray on my clothes,
      but it is worth a shot.

      this is why you should always spray a scent you are interested in on your body an hour before purchase.
      gives it time to sink in and see if it fits your personal swagg.

      one last thing,
      mood plays a big part in if your scent will be strong or not.

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