Chris Brown Chill Button Is Broke!

breezy1i ain’t even get in the door and get settled and saw this shit.
so chris brown been flippin’ out on folks heavy today.
his chill button has malfunctioned.
first it was some vine star who tried to get at karrecuhe.
still trying to figure that one out.
now he went off on adrienne bailon and tamar braxton on instagram...

chrisbrownmad1 chrisbrownmad2












wGRXFVJhe also made a nice disclaimer video following that rant:

well first of all,
what they done did?
my guess is they came at him reckless on “the real” today.
you know what tho?
people do say whatever foolishness they want about him.
if he fires back some heat for the disrespect,
should we blame him?

lowkey: i kinda like when ratchet wolf brown makes an appearance.
he’s a pistol,
ain’t he?

just when he ain’t throwing chairs and laying paws on folks.
i always need that side of his crazy contained.

video and status taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Chris Brown Chill Button Is Broke!”

  1. Damn Breezy, I tried not to laugh at this fuckery but it was funny. I dont think it really matters anymore what anyone says, in this ratchet time we live in. Class and good taste were thrown out the window long ago with the likes of mediatakeout and TMZ, dominating the cultural landscape. All these shows and blogs we have now are always taking their digs at celebs and wanna get in their feelings when they strike back. I wish more celebs would let their inner ratchet out. #hetoldnoliestho

  2. It is funny that he has never come for the men who have made comments about his relationship.Has he ever come for Chalarmagne or any of the comics who disrespect her ?

  3. I felt like he was talking like them especially tamar.. Like he said… “U tried it..” ain’t that Tamar’s favorite saying… Did y’all see that Tamar read his ass back on her I.G.???

  4. He’s like a baby. I can imagine being his friend where you have to be careful what you say around him. Too sensitive. I feel bad for the baby now.

  5. I really feel he is gay and fighting his urges! He read them like a true queen! He makes my gay dar ping whenever he has these bitch tantrums!

    1. i feel absolutely the same way. i get that whole in the closet anger vibe from him. thot it was just me for a bit

  6. He’s only hurting himself and his own career and image.

    People were just giving him props for that Hot 97 interview and now he does this.

    People are going to talk about him until he ceases to exist and he has to learn how to deal with it, otherwise he’s just proving demonized perception media has represented him as is true.

    They talk about Beyonce’s child! They still debate rather she was even ever pregnant. They scrutinize her marriage. She pays them dust! He needs to learn how to the same.

    1. You are right. People will always talk about the incident until the day his eyes close. Once you receive a label it never fades, even if it’s a lie. If you beat a woman one time, you are labeled a woman beater. He has to live with that.

    2. ^beyonce doesn’t have anger problems lol
      she does what any sane person does…

      Go and make art about her haters.

      I like Chris but he desperately needs to learn when to launch ratchet wolf brown.

      1. So true, Jamari. He has to learn to pick his battles. This wasn’t something that he should’ve exploded like that for…it only shows that he still doesn’t have his anger under control.
        I say it all the time…where are his real friends?! Not the “yes men” that he surrounds himself with, but the people who aren’t afraid to tell him, uhhh…you acting like an ass right now.

    1. damn that’s what set him off? it wasn’t even that bad. i was expecting them to talk about his abusive past or something.

    2. Ah damn, they didn’t even really say anything foul. Well, you know people love to hate Tamar and Adrienne. Tamar has a legit singing career, whether people acknowledge that shit or not. I gotta give her credit. She may look like Janice the muppet, but she can sing.

  7. He didn’t fire shots, he was throwing grenades. BOOM. As soon as I read ” you ole trout mouth ass bitch” I needed oxygen. He went all the way in and then some.

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