Let Me Get A Sample Of That Juice

Sephorai needed a sample,
and i needed a sample BAD!
i was thinking about it all day at work.
  should go get some on my lunch break?
should i wait until after work?
thats it.
ill be able to enjoy it more once i get off.
ya feel me?
i felt like a fiend and it was the foxhole’s fault

so after work,
i decided to take myself over to sephora.
after the beautiful discussion yesterday about scents,
i needed to get a sample of some of the ones that were mentioned.
for whatever reason,
a lot of wolves feel nervous going into sephora.
i don’t know.
i guess they feel like it’s a “chick” store.
well keep thinking that!

i went over to the cologne section and was greeted by a pretty vixen:

“i know this is going to sound ratchet as hell,
and please stop me,
but can i get samples of three scents please?”

“that is not ratchet!
yes you can!
we give 3 samples of whatever cologne of your choosing…”

i told her i wanted:

him by hanae mori
terre d’hermes
prada amber pour homme

“we don’t carry him by hanse mori anymore…
2666940-8437263111-3MzBG…i know,
but i do have the other two.
is there anything else i can replace?”

i told her put 1 million intense in a sample.
i wanted to get familiar with that again.

sephorafragi’ll try terre d’hermes out tomorrow first.

lowkey: that versace eros is not to be played with.
that tom ford neroli portofino is also a game changer.
may need that one in my stash.
i want to smell that “him” tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Let Me Get A Sample Of That Juice”

  1. That’s how you do it, I feel weird asking for samples sometime but shit I like to know what I’m working with when I’m spending mad dough on it.

  2. I feel so out of the cologne loop foxhole, sadly I have never heard of most of these colognes you are mentioning. I bought like 15 bottles of various colognes 3 years ago and still have all of them and have not invested in anything new. I just found out about hanae mori when I asked my homeboy when we were out what he had on, that was the best smelling cologne I had smelled in years, I am going to go and check that one out and sample it on me. I am also going to check out more of these others you all have mention. Thanks.

  3. I just buy colognes and give it to my Dad if the scent doesn’t settle well on me.

    I’m gonna try the same ones you did.

    If I show up at someone’s spot at 2 a.m. with that Versace Eros on I want all underwear off. Lol

  4. Jamari, you made some great choices, check these scents out also. Fuel for men by Donna Karan is the best smelling cologne for fall. It smells like leather, suede and tobacco. I always get hit on when I wear it!!! Also check out Penhaligon’s Sartoiral and Creed Aventus. These scents are not overpowering and last all day and night!!

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