Feelin’ Bleu (Bleu de Chanel, That Is)

S107510_XLARGEso i decided to wear this scent today.
bleu de chanel.
my thoughts on it…
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This Scent Did Something To Me Today (Prada)

amberso today i tested out my sample of prada amber pour homme.
i didn’t smell it at sephora,
just like terres d’hermes,
so i was praying to god that i liked it.
being stuck wearing a scent that smells like poison all day?
no bueno.
so i sprayed it on my naked body,
making sure to hit all my pressure points,
and put on a more dressed down look:

lightish blue dress shirt
skinny red tie
dark blue dress pants
dark blue trench coat
brown shoes
brown belt
brown duffle bag

i like to dress in theme so i called this one:

young fox; wall street

…and walked out the door for work.
i was early.
when i say that this scent throughout the day
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Let Me Get A Sample Of That Juice

Sephorai needed a sample,
and i needed a sample BAD!
i was thinking about it all day at work.
  should go get some on my lunch break?
should i wait until after work?
thats it.
ill be able to enjoy it more once i get off.
ya feel me?
i felt like a fiend and it was the foxhole’s fault
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Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Round 2)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280pressure points.
the places on your body that heat up when you’re…
you have many pressure points on your body,
so naturally,
you should always splash your scents on those points of your body.
i usually apply my scents..
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