I’m Sure I Had Drawz Ready To Fly Off Today

026085V00so i’ve decided

terre d’hermes is my new signature scent.
thank you brave for the suggestion.
i got so many compliments today wearing this.
as you read,
i went to sephora yesterday to get ( x a sample ).
i had random vixens in the office asking me what i was wearing.
i even had one wolf ask me as well.
the thing i liked about the scent is it lasted all day.
i could smell it faintly in the background.
such a fresh clean scent.
smelled like…
peace and “just hand me ya drawz”.
i seriously had to argue with myself from buying it today.
the price tag for what i hope is a semi medium bottle?


another sample coming right up!

lowkey: tomorrow i’ll try out prada amber.

buy terre d’hermes: sephora

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I’m Sure I Had Drawz Ready To Fly Off Today”

  1. His ass was smelling fresh da day lol. I bet those women in the office were ready to take off their panties for you lol. Did Liar like it? *runs*

  2. Told you you’d be humping yourself J. LMAO. Dat Hermès is no joke kid…

    Citrusy. Woody. (In more ways than one, LOL.) Clean. It’s serious to the point where I’ll catch vixens wearing it themselves. They actually tempt me to want pussy.

  3. They should send you a bottle for free! You have me planning a trip to Harrod’s this morning to grab a bottle. £80!

  4. Be on the look out for the EDT version, the parfum version, in my opinion, is a little too dense and not as captivating as the EDT.

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