You Not Gonna Stalk Tyler Perry and Get Away With It!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.08.22 PMthis wolf is about to be a father!

so tyler perry is in the news once again.

no his baby has not been born yet.
he was actually being stalked
by an ex-employee
who broke into his studio…

and had a dildo in his mouth while chanting…
okay the last part i made up,
but the other stuff is true.
the ajc has the story…

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.06.13 PM

Perry filed for a protective order Monday in Fulton County Superior Court against Joshua Sole, 27, of Dunwoody, who was booked into the county jail Friday for criminal trespass at Tyler Perry Studios.

Sole is trying to intimidate him, Perry says in the lawsuit.

Sole had tried to contact Perry Thursday with no success, the lawsuit said. He apparently was so determined to get a face-to-face with the movie maker that the lawsuit said he disengaged the power to disable the alarms and surveillance equipment at the studio in southwest Atlanta.

Then he climbed into the studio through a suspended ceiling, the lawsuit said.

Atlanta Police said they got a call about an intruder at the Tyler Perry Studio about 6 p.m. Thursday. When officers arrived, the head of security said an “employee Joshua Sole has been acting weird” and had barricaded himself in a room where the administrative offices were located, according to the incident report.

At the time, the security chief was puzzled by how Sole had gained access to the room. It took police more than four hours to get Sole into custody. He was booked into Fulton County jail Friday early Friday morning.

Perry is asking the court to ban Sole from coming within 500 feet of him, and to compel Sole to undergo psychological evaluation and treatment as well as pay Perry at least $100,000. The studio executive will let a jury decide if he deserves more compensation, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit doesn’t say whether Perry fired Sole or in what capacity he was employed.

Perry says he is entitled to the money because of the “discomfort and annoyance caused by the diminished value of peaceful enjoyment” he gets from the property, according to the lawsuit.

It is unclear why Sole wanted to talk to Perry. Attempts to reach Sole were unsuccessful.

The lawsuit contends that Sole harassed Perry by stalking him and “simple assault” — but doesn’t go into details — when he trespassed on the property. It also says Sole has been “stubbornly litigious, or acted in bad faith, or caused the plaintiff unnecessary trouble and expense” without explanation.

Perry also wants $25,000 for attorney fees. His lawyer Richard Gordon declined to comment.










tyler on some:

OGFhpWno but seriously,
this makes my foxi senses go completely off.
does it do the same for you?
one of the f-bi left this alleged information in a comment:

He has a Model Mayhem account and is a stripper at full nude, Atlanta gay club Swinging Richards aka swinging dicks. Cute guy but looks like he’s been going through something lately.

During my early college years when I wasn’t sure if I was gay, I’d put a hoodie on and visit Swinging Richards occasionally. For the price of admission to the VIP area and a fee, the strippers would suck your dick and do strange things for some change. This was many moons ago but I still see one of the strippers online posing as a ‘model.’ He’s even been featured on your site. But I digress…

Hopefully, one of your readers will spill the tea. We all know Tyler pays his crew pennies on the dollar. One of them has got to be ready to spill.

well wait tho!
i wrote about him?!?!
hold the…

*mosies on over to that model mayhem account*

he doesn’t look familiar,

but he looks…
i think i’m going to try and swallow this word vomit i have.
ya’ll gonna make me bring it back up tho.
imagei can feel it.

lowkey: its always SOMETHING going on at his studios,
ain’t it?
i feel like josh sole has an instagram.
or is his existence currently being wiped so we can forget about this issue?

article: ajc | pictures: model mayhem

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “You Not Gonna Stalk Tyler Perry and Get Away With It!”

  1. I have a feeling that Sole was “rent-a-booty” trade, got lied to about having a role on Meet The Browns, and got his “stipe” snipped. He’s now furious, broke, and ready to play his hand. Tyler better be careful… 🙄

    1. That’s what I feel, that guy is handsome just Tyler’s type. No one would be shocked if it came out he did sexual favors for a role on one on Perry’s shows.

  2. Whoa, I aint gone say the obvious that Tyler Perry has a type, oops I said it, but I didn’t mean too. Somebody call author and the only White woman who can get the Tea better than a Queen-Kitty Kelley to start on a Tyler Perry book. If those walls of his could talk, it would probably make for one low down scandalous read. This sounds like a Trade Deal gone bad. Tyler its time to Ante Up Bitch or the Trade is going to release the sex tape. I see Tyler is playing hard ball with these tricks, sue them before they sue you. #Fix It Jesus…..

  3. Yea, he was that stripper dude that April was seeing on Single Ladies. Other than that, I wouldn’t know who he is. He bad as hell tho. I’d tap em.

    I wonder what all this was about? It’s too early in the morning for me to be reading some shit like this. I think over it got it right. He got promised a deal during a hookup, and Tyler didn’t keep his end of the deal.

  4. There is so much more to this story. Just know that if you upgrade someone and try to take that away…..well… You see what happens… Allegedly

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