In The Mood To Smell Like “Eat Me”

12189039_12974793_lzi was in a mood today.
i think everyone could tell after that entry this morning.
well what happens when i get in a mood?

i go shopping.
after having to deal with liar liar’s new position,
i needed some retail therapy.
so i headed over to sephora.
i decided i was going to buy prada amber pour homme.
like is said before,
that scent puts me in a good mood.
it also makes me feel sexy and horny as hell,
but thats another story.
i ended up getting samples of tom ford’s “grey vetiver”,
chanel blue,
and another sample of terre d’hermes.
it wasn’t until i was walking out,
that i heard this snow bunny tell the sephora worker:

“omg that!
that right there is a dangerous cologne…”

my ear picked up quick.
the fuck she talmbout.
she pointed to this:
chvencylabel100ml-279givenchy pi.
when she walked away,
i immediately sprayed it on a tester sheet.
when she saw it in my hand,
she screamed:


chick was actin’ like she would fuck me right THERE.
i was 90% sold on that point.
then the worker cosigned and said a lot of vixens liked that scent.
so 92%.
this older snow wolf who was also browsing said:

“yeah when you sprayed it,
it smelled so good that i immediately went to pick up a bottle.”


prada amber pour homme (L): $80
givenchy pi (S): $61
my bill: $153

SNIFFMYTAILthat was all the co-signs i needed.
the top notes of givenchy smell like vanilla,
but then it dries down on your skin to the scent of amaretto.
then it changes to something else sweet.
it has good longevity.
i can still smell it on me faintly.
i sprayed some on me when i was leaving the store,
i got compliments from two snow bunnies at work.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25837-1403642707-13i didn’t want to spend that much money,
but fuck it.
it has been a tough week and my happiness comes first.
money cums and goes,
i have faith i’ll get it back ten fold.
i guess it was good i went in.

lowkey: the prada amber homme intense
i shoulda got a sample!
it smells like chocolate!
that is def a night out scent.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “In The Mood To Smell Like “Eat Me””

  1. DAMN. I bet you were smelling good. You know, you cannot be giving off scents around us Wolves. Foxes get hunted like that.

  2. I cosign on this,sometimes a lil retail therapy helps with life’s wows. I know you’ll be blessed with that money back and more; besides you’re be picking up some super hot wolves when they pass you on the streets with these scents.

  3. Jamari, I’m not in the “Amen Chorus” for you. With your money concerns buying that expensive scents/cologne was an expensive mistake. “Retail Therapy” is for those that have more money!

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