Andrew Caldwell: You Can Be “DeliverT” Through Your Gayness from The “LordT”

396845_357267301009844_1295114252_nwell andrew caldwell is now a star!
he is proof that church can set you free!
ever since ( x his video of him getting “deliverT” ) from gayness went viral,
he has been the subject of various memes and blog entries.
mine included.
like myself,
thought the whole thing was a joke.
well andrew had some ‘splaining to do.
he was “goinT” be “foundT”.
he got on his facebook on why he did what he did…

My name is Andrew Caldwell. I appeared on a video at the recent Church of God In Christ International Convocation in St Louis. On that video I gave a testimony of deliverance from homosexuality. As a child, I was raped by a member of my own family.

At that time I did not think of it as abuse. I kind of enjoyed it. I kept it to myself, not realizing how it had changed me. Growing up wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was harassed, heckled, and ridiculed by classmates.

Many told me that I would never amount to anything. This gave me the motivation to try to prove them wrong. Being fairly attractive as a young man, it was not difficult for me to get involved with other men.

I have dated athletes, ministers, and celebrities. As time passed I got tired of this way of living. I always attended church. But I always found the same things in church that I found in the world.

After joining my present church, it came to me that this lifestyle was not right. It seemed that the more I tried to quit on my own, the more intense was the temptation. All last week I fasted and prayed. On this past Saturday at the Convocation, there was an alter[sic] call.

I came forward and offered my testimony. It was unscripted. Not only do I hope for my own deliverance but for the deliverance of others who may be struggling with their own issues. To my doubting detractors, I pray for you. To my supporters, I am grateful for your support and prayers.

well it’s very sad what he went through.
it seems like many can testify to being molested or raped.
well he a full fledged straight wolf now!ever since god got him right,
he now gets hard for vixens.
he is ready for some “chirrenTs”.
this is what he says turns him on:

“I’m starting to get on hard for women. When I look at another brother, I look at them as another brother in Christ, or a big brother.

I like the pretty hair; I like the lips; I like the butt; the thighs…I didn’t see that in a man.”

…so is it that easy?
do we need to all just fast so we can be “deliverT”?
or is this just a temporary fix to a permanent situation?
well maybe.
this one here:

hero-sundaybest-donnie-slp…is a full fledged straight “wolfT” through the “lordT”.
this one too:

antoine-dodson-twitter-3…so it can be done!
yes lawd!
please listen to this full interview with andrew on “church folk revolution”:

i give this schtick 6 months.

lowkey: welp.
more wolves for me!

tumblr_ndyjy2AiTd1si245xo1_400andrew’s facebook: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell: You Can Be “DeliverT” Through Your Gayness from The “LordT””

  1. “I have dated athletes, ministers, and celebrities” ….wait you wasnt happy??? ITS YOUR FAULT THEN. I would have had me a nice coin by now.

    1. He dated no one but ministers. People kill me with these claims of dating athletes and celebs. If the athlete or the celeb is not a popular star and ain’t fine no one cares.

      1. Hold up, I gotta stop you there Lindo. You would be surprised. Looks don’t matter anymore unless you are with your homies and do not wanted to be bashed for what you like. Men get sex from whoever is offering. Hollywood is not attractive at all and he got Kerry.

  2. Just listened to the interview.

    I dont have a demonic demon inside me SIR…. im the lusty one leave my demon alone LOLOLOL

  3. Donnie McClurken is still gay or bisexual. Sexual orientation is between the ears, not between the legs. He has freely said repeatedly that he “struggles” with his sexuality, meaning that he still is sexually attracted to men. The sexual attraction to men is what makes him gay or bisexual.

    Just because you don’t have sex with men does not mean the you are not gay. Andrew Caldwell probably refrains from having sex with men but he’s probably still sexually attracted to men. And that is gay enough.

    On the other hand, I have a friend mine who was married and had children with women and didn’t discover his gayness until later at about the age of 40. Sexuality is not immutable. It can change but it cannot be turned on and off like a faucet. We do not choose our sexual orientation. Our sexual orientation chooses us.

  4. Jamari, he made the news. He was arrested a while back for “frauding” some people. They said the church paid him to do this. It’s not a real story, Christians and the bible where the original manipulators before the media.

  5. This dude is a liar. He is my age and he’a already been convicted of fraud. Really? He also is claiming he goes to medical school…….online. Where they do that at? Then he wants us to believe he has been delivered lol. Most men who claim to no longer be gay are much older than him. As I said before, his dick days are just starting. Dude is a liar and wants a come up #Opportunist

    S/N: Love that Aaliyah gif. Tonight is the night of the biopic. Y’all ready for the train wreck or nah?

  6. Hmmm I could have guessed he was ‘molested’ when he was a child..dont they all? Anyway not to judge but I am starting the clock…tick, tock, tick, tock……..

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