That Being Said, I’m Not Gay Anymore! (God Changed Me!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.00.11 PMso you all are definitely my foxhole.
i saw this video earlier today and thought of you.
you all obviously blew up my emails so i know you were thinking of me.
you know i love god.
my twitter feed on sunday is filled with notes from td jakes sermon.
god also knows that i love wolves.
he okay with that.
we already discussed.
well this one church hyena didn’t feel the same way.
god obviously hasn’t spoken to him yet.
 he went back into the holy ghost closet at the 107th Holy Convocation.











“i am not gayz no more.
i am deliveredt.
i don’t like menz no morez.
i said i like wimmenz.

boyz1 boyz2he grippin’ that mic like a pro.
 “blubblablubablub” sound like when he got that good choke.
ya’ll know what i’m talmbout…
or is it just me?

church be having these people all fucked up.
i don’t get it.
i remember when star fox (rip) called me after some convention he attended.
it had to be like 07/08-ish.

i’m straight now…
according to the bible yadda yadda yadda…
i was delivered at the alter blah blah blah…
i’m dating this vixen from church now…
i may not be able to talk to you anymore…”

my response:tumblr_n9lc8gOgjg1sgjvoao1_500“oh ok star fox.”

he called me two weeks later.
some wolf he met banged the stupidity out him.
from what i remember it didn’t take long either.
he use to HATE when i would bring up his “straight” episode.
sigh i miss him.
ive been to good services and not once did i ever want to convert to pussy.
my love for a fine wolf on top of me is too “skrongs” to penetrate!
well this is the pastorial jackal,
earl carter,
who put the battery in that hyena’s back with his sermon beforehand:

…so from the sound of it,
he was talkin’ directly to that hyena then?

lowkey: i keep tellin’ ya’ll church folks have the best:


i know church vixens who will suck yo pipe after altar call.
wolves who will bang you out after a night of praise and worship.
god can’t even contain their “ratchet”.
stay sleep.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “That Being Said, I’m Not Gay Anymore! (God Changed Me!)”

  1. If he still ain’t gay, he damn sure got a gay man’s language. He’ll be serving ass again before Thanksgiving.

  2. The minute I say the caption I knew what it was gonna be. I saw a clip earlier on instagram and almost died…… when he said womenz womenz womenz I was done LMFAO

  3. Man this is some crazy twisted shit, I couldnt get even get past the first few seconds of Lil Richard’s nephew proclaiming that he is now a pussy hound, I am sure vagina’s across the land are getting wet as we speak thinking about that stud beating it up.

    Now Rev. Earl you know I respect you for one thing, at least you dont hide your prejudice like so many in the church do about Gay people. That is the very reason, I stay my ass at home and enjoy my Sundays instead going to a place where I have to pay a cover charge to be insulted. So many Black gays running to these churches, supporting them and giving them their money and you have crazy homophobes on every pew silently hating them. Look at the crowd reaction when he was saying all his hateful rhetoric, your so called Christians who are suppose to Love their fellow man. I seen less hate in a Republican convention when President Obama is mentioned. I dont feel sorry for any grown ass Gay man who would willingly sit through this non-sense. Knowing damn well that those conventions are nothing more than religious freak fest at night complete with down low orgies and married ministers getting it in with both male and female congregants. Hell if the sissies didnt show up on Sunday, the church would be empty and the choir would have to sing Acapella.

    I feel the most pain for the young Black boy or girl who are struggling with their sexual identity, who have no choice but to sit through this because they are still under their parents care. This rhetoric is what creates homophobic behavior, suicidal thoughts, and depression among our Gay youth because they are conflicted and you have parents who know their children may be struggling with their identity who would applaud this and think that they can pray their Gay child STR8, how can a child feel comfortable coming to a parent when they have this attitude. As someone, like many of us in Black household, I grew up in the church and I still have issues with my sexuality and religion, feelings of guilt anger and shame, but I am slowly learning that yes Jesus still loves me despite my lifestyle.

    If only Rev. Carter would ignite that same passion about Black unemployment, high teen pregnancy rates, unequal education, mass incarceration of our Black men, the violence in our neighborhood, then I might at least can stomach this hypocrite. Not one of these preaching coons gave a Gay dollar back from the collection plate, once he found out a member was Gay. This video has disturb my spirit, and the sad truth of it all is that no high profile Black leader will dare come for him and put him in check. You can best believe that had this been a high profile white minister spewing this, GLAAD and everybody else would be up in arms.

  4. Someone today had some ass backwards meaning for COGIC today on Instagram… can’t remember what it was, but the G stood for Gay. LOL. They was ethering this dude this morning!

  5. i seen this all on my timeline today on FB and was cracking up..the sad part is these kinds of things have major psychological damage on folks, some never recover from the mental trauma and kill themselves…it’s not as simple as them saying they’re str8 but the poor souls even go thru a brainwashing to believe it, and when reality kicks back in, they feel even more guilty but a failure as if they failed GOD when in reality all they tried to do was become someone they’re not…these things are horrible there are even camps where they do shock therapy on children whenever they see images of the same gender they’re shocked and told that homosexuality is wrong…people have and always will continue to do bad things in the name of Religion…so over it and i feel like if GOD is like his christian followers then idk if i’d call that heaven…people lying about who they are and doing all kinds of shit behind closed doors…

  6. Wow!!!! So many things going on in this video too many to count but at least they paid him for his inconvenience lol! But on a serious note this is so disturbing on so many levels when will black folks wake up from this mess its truly a very sad commentary.

  7. I never like Christians for so many reasons. Although I’m not religious at all, but I am a proud Catholic boy even tho homosexual is frown upon, but it wasn’t the main issue that Christians make it to be which I find interesting because why homosexuality is such a major issue for Christians, especially for black Christians? I hate when I met Christians and they would tell me that I should convert to Christianity because being Catholic is a sin. Yea nope because I like living in my truth. And I notice a lot Christians are “former” crackheads, prostitutes, murderers, rapists, child molesters, and homosexuals who would literally look down on others, but baby you used to one of them. It interesting how these sinners all of a sudden want to be Christians and act all holy…. I just want to say them “Mira pendejos, ponen sus lenguas en sus culos.”

  8. That young man is renouncing his bad nasty life habits and moving towards a better life let’s celebrate his journey rather than send him negative energy because you all can’t let go of your life of external and eternal hell.

  9. The bible warns men should not lie with men and women with women this young man is trying to find his way out of the pig pen embrace his need for change and stop disrespecting what the lord is doing you all should be ashamed of yourself what you are promoting with this disgusting website made to lure innocent men to list after naked men and flesh absolutely disgusting filth

    1. Wow! You feel so strongly about this issue well mam’ with all do respect and please take this in the sprit that it’s intended why are you so invested in what homosexuals are doing with their lives? So these men and women like the same sex so what It’s not going to ruin nor improve your life in anyway being heterosexual is not going to change the world and being gay doesn’t necessarily mean that one is gonna be happy people are who they are in the bigger scheme of things it doesn’t matter just live!

    2. And another thing not be funny but what makes you that same bible you subscribe to will look upon you favorably because according to the bible because of Eve you and I are cursed because we as women brought sin into the world so mam’ in a way you are responsible for homosexuality so what if your god or your “lord” said well by default you represent this evil so there no place for you in the kingdom so see where im going with this? This outdated way of thinking is truly detrimental and I think you really need to reevaluate your thinking and how this is effecting you.

    3. First of all, why you’re here? Knowing that this is a gay blog. Second, how you know we lust after naked men and flesh? This means you have been following this “disgusting” blog for quite some time now. Third, don’t call the kettle black, baby, I can see you been burnt longer than we had, you filthy ass troll. Fyi, get a broomstick and some vaseline and put it in you know where because it obvious of what you need.

    4. lol the book of leviticus forbids 76 things…wearing clothes woven of more then one fabric, working on the sabbath, eating from a tree that was planted within the last four years, returning to church after giving birth to a boy in 33 days, if it’s a girl 66 days. forbids the eating of certain insects, animals (pigs, camel, rabbit, seafood) forbids drinking of alcohol in holy places (which would contradict communion), i could go on and on…and homosexuality is just one…eating of fat is forbidden, wearing your hair unkempt, trimming your beard, getting markings, etc, etc, etc BLAH BLAH BLAH yet you only can quote the part about homosexuality…i’m really starting to think you all DON’T READ your Bible like you put on because if so you would know that this is a small piece of the very large puzzle..Even the bible says study to show thyself approved..Black christians always go on to condemn homosexuality yet you ALL commit every last one of the remaining 75 things that are forbidden in Leviticus…smh i can’t with you all….meanwhile your pastors, and deacons are the main ones on gay sites trying to sleep with gay man. the church is full of broken people, regardless of orientation…so instead of judging open up your eyes those who try to live for GOD are the MOST FLAWED…have a seat along with your common sense and stop speaking as if you’re an authority figure..SN: What are YOU doing on a site that you think is so EVIL?!?! obviously you like something you see you’re probably lusting after some of the men that are mentioned as well…

    5. Oh Lawd, somebody call Mother Winslow and Mother Jackson on the Mother’s Board and tell them that Sis. Karla done backslid from her AA sponsor and she is smoking and on that shit again. Lady what are your good church members gone say about you when they find out you are undercover trolling for trade on a Gay Blog. Have several seats. Last year, we had to deal with your evil sister Debra or whatever her damn name was, and now you have sprung from the gates of Hell to bother us. Tell the truth and shame the devil, did you lose your man to a church Queen, it happens, pray and move on and stop being so bitter. You sit your wide ass on the pew every Sunday and you are surrounded by nothing but Whores and Whore-monger’s and you dont say a mumbling word, but wanna come and attack people you dont even know as filthy. As Adele Givens says, I make sure I wash all dicks before I put my mouth on one, can you say the same Sis. Karla. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so please go shake your wig out and take your tired ass to Bible study and at least play like you are getting something out of it and leave the GAYS alone, but if you wanna bless us with a love offering we will be glad to take it on your behalf. God Bless.

  10. Let’s keep it simple…how about the ten commandments. Thou shalt not steal. Thous shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Why don’t preachers call out their flock for breaking commandments the way they do being gay? I will tell you why, because no one would be in the church if they did.

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