Climb Up On It

okclimbonitlife is not what it is without mountains.
everyone in life,
no matter who they are,
has a couple mountains to climb.
mountains can be small,
as they don’t require much effort and have quicker lessons.
then there are those mountains,
from the distance,
look absolutely terrifying.
those are the ones with the biggest lessons and memorable victories.
so i had to ask…

What does your latest mountain look like?

the latest mountain,
from where i’m standing,
is fuckin’ humungous.
it looks mentally draining and i need a drink.
DrZRmi have been feeling depressed as of late,
i’m 100% sure that fear is enhancing how that i feel.
my mountain is one of making a career and finding happiness.
being able to be taken seriously within the entertainment world.
its currently made up of “no money”,
“bills to pay”
and “ugh this fuckin’ job”.
i don’t know what steps i need to take to start climbing.
because of this,
when i look around this deep valley of mess i am in,
i get very overwhelmed.
hence needing the drink or a stiff penis.
tumblr_lyyx0ffH121qfonlso1_400i actually wish i had a partner to help me.
one that had more tools,
and their way around their own mountains to success.

my mountain is def not like everyone else.
some people’s mountains are getting off drugs,
not looking for meaningless sex,
or finding a better paying job.
whatever the mountain is,
no one has the right to fault others for their missteps.
its not easy to start climbing.
it takes brave people who are either complete fed up or hit rock bottom.

“don’t judge my mountain because you stopped trying to climb yours!”

tumblr_mr2zakHeHS1qzw89so1_500so take some time to look at the mountain ahead.
i mean really look at it.
it looks scary,
but there maybe some good experiences on the path to gre
time to figure out what is needed to get on it.
it may take a day,
a week,
or maybe a year.
even looking back at the other mountains in the past.
the ones that ended up being alone or nearly left for dead.
 if it was done before,
and survived to tell about it,
then it’s time to strap up and do it again.

tumblr_lqi8haRTZE1qzh4c6o1_500lets do it…
no matter how scary we are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Climb Up On It”

  1. Have you tried meditating? Maybe you should try it and also start eating dark chocolate and banana to help boost your endorphins. You have to be positive in order to bring positive things into your life because remember the type of energy you send out comes back to you. And I’m not trying to be funny, but have you play with yourself recently? That could do the trick for awhile.

  2. No depression for you J. We love you too much dude. Vent. Eat dark chocolate like Lindo said. Watch porn till you go cross-eyed. LOL.

    I’m climbing a mountain as we speak and it isn’t really mine to climb. My mom had an aneurysm this summer (survived it without a scratch, thank you Jesus), but after something like that, so much more comes with it. Constant check-ups, MRIs, etc., and it never gets easier. She’s brave, but nerved. So I try to be the strong one… I try to get us both through it. Tough, but I know it must be done. A mountain I’ve gotta take on… Great post homie.

  3. I’m hoping at the top of your mountain you find The thing that will really make you happy. Shit I hope that for all of us

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