the fall off the mountain is the real bummer


she came here to make it from down south.
she came up here to help her triflin ass family from what i remember.
we met at my past job and we clicked instantly.
after all she did for her triflin ass family,
they kicked her out and she was homeless.
her baby daddy wasn’t shit either.
she tried to live at him,
but it was hell.
she ended up having to go to a homeless shelter,
where someone stole most of her stuff one day.
i remember having to console her because she was crying uncontrollably.

“it’s not fair.”

that’s all i remember her saying as she weeped.
she was determined to make “new yawk” work with her baby tho.
i told her don’t stay here to suffer.
we lost touch after leaving that job,
but we recently re-connected.
i just looked at her socials

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fool-2015there is an old song with the lyrics:

“everyone plays the fool,

…and don’t think you won’t.
you’re not immune to doing dumb shit.

you are not immune to meeting a jackal in pretty fur
you are not immune by all your friends turning on you
you are not immune to losing all your money
you are not immune to being outed and embarrassed
you are also not immune to catching a fatal disease

which is why when older animals look down on me,
i want to say:

“muthafucka get the fuck off your high horse.
you know damn well you was ack’in a damn fool out here.
its a wonder you don’t have aids.”

giphylife can hand you 9 wins,
but you could lose big on the 10th.
you know what tho?
sometimes its a good thing to be “the fool”…
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Kellon Deryck Climbed His Mountain

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.20.18 AM…and i want him to climb me next.
ratchet jamari wuz here.
anyway so you know how i feel about the hubz in my head,
kellon deryck.
he is smart as well as sexy as hell!
well he wrote something the other day and completely inspired me.
inspired me so much that tears rolled fuck hell down my face.
check what he said…
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Climb Up On It

okclimbonitlife is not what it is without mountains.
everyone in life,
no matter who they are,
has a couple mountains to climb.
mountains can be small,
as they don’t require much effort and have quicker lessons.
then there are those mountains,
from the distance,
look absolutely terrifying.
those are the ones with the biggest lessons and memorable victories.
so i had to ask…

What does your latest mountain look like?

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I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Sacrifice

v) give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations.

everyone has a dream.
a goal.
a life changing “something” that they want to accomplish.
it could graduating college,
have a successful business,
or play with balls for a living.
too many people don’t know the true meaning of sacrifice.
they think that they can still…
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Minding My Business (Long Distance)

l-Happy-Mountain-Foxtoday was a day.
it was pretty eventful to say the least.
it felt like a climb up a very large mountain.
one of many i have climbed recently.
after i wrote the two entries earlier,
i got my clothes together and left the crib.
it was hotter than i expected so i was covered in sweat.
i couldn’t stop sweating.
i was on the train probably looking greasy as hell.
i had an appointment with my new business manager.
the fox is in business.
well trying to be…
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