fool-2015there is an old song with the lyrics:

“everyone plays the fool,

…and don’t think you won’t.
you’re not immune to doing dumb shit.

you are not immune to meeting a jackal in pretty fur
you are not immune by all your friends turning on you
you are not immune to losing all your money
you are not immune to being outed and embarrassed
you are also not immune to catching a fatal disease

which is why when older animals look down on me,
i want to say:

“muthafucka get the fuck off your high horse.
you know damn well you was ack’in a damn fool out here.
its a wonder you don’t have aids.”

giphylife can hand you 9 wins,
but you could lose big on the 10th.
you know what tho?
sometimes its a good thing to be “the fool”…

life is all about learning.
whether the outcome is bad or good,
every experience we enter is an opportunity.
we are also all wired differently as well.
what maybe:

“he is the ultimate dumb ass”

to you is:

“god is setting me up for a real blessing”

…to another person.
they just don’t know it yet.

on social media,
everyone judges everyone so harshly.
its like high school.
the popular kids look down on the losers.
that will never go out of style.
hell i have judged harshly as well.
i won’t front.
you know i’m an equal opportunity judger.
its life.
the thing is,
i have also been “the foolish dumb ass” as well.

tumblr_mlxh749r8v1qd8zg3o2_500-2…guess what tho?

every “fool” situation i have been in has helped me acquire a tool for the future.
i have dealt with:

people and shady business practices
people who were full of promises and just “talk to talk”
people who use the term “friend” loosely
people who used me and dropped me like a bad habit
people who fucked me and never called me back

i have been rejected,
back stabbed,
and other things that to most i could be “the fool”.
i may not have listened to people either.
i’m sure ive written things and the foxhole was like:

“oh he is a fuckin’ idiot”

i’m sure i was.
 situations require experiences.
i wouldn’t be the person i am today,
at such a young age,
without all my experiences to upgrade my situations.
i learned:

common sense

…and i’m sure many more.

now i’m not saying go out there and fuck someone raw.
i’m also not saying to pursue anything if your instincts don’t trust it.
always follow your heart.
what i’m saying is if your heart finds you in a situation,
and it doesn’t work out in your favor,
try and find the lesson within.
try not to feel bad because you get judged.
everyone will be judged.
some more harshly than others.
it comes with the territory of life.
your “foolishness” will become your story to tell or even an example to help someone with.
sometimes YOU are the lesson for someone else to learn.
you could be someone’s:

fake friend
“reason that drove them to suicide”

uh huh.
tumblr_madbqw6C9p1qfrkf9o1_500so go out in your forests and play the fool sometime.
your character will thank you for it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “FOOL! FOOL! FOOL I AM!”

  1. Sometimes it’s easier said than done to find the lesson in something when you are the fool, but if you can push through that the biggest blessings are usually waiting on the other side.

    1. ^love this mikey!
      yes the blessing usually comes after,
      but when you look back on when you were the biggest fool,
      you will definitely see the writings on the wall

  2. Great post. I’ve played the fool plenty of times, many times unaware that I was until the end. Life delivers us messages in the weirdest circumstances sometimes.

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