fool-2015there is an old song with the lyrics:

“everyone plays the fool,

…and don’t think you won’t.
you’re not immune to doing dumb shit.

you are not immune to meeting a jackal in pretty fur
you are not immune by all your friends turning on you
you are not immune to losing all your money
you are not immune to being outed and embarrassed
you are also not immune to catching a fatal disease

which is why when older animals look down on me,
i want to say:

“muthafucka get the fuck off your high horse.
you know damn well you was ack’in a damn fool out here.
its a wonder you don’t have aids.”

giphylife can hand you 9 wins,
but you could lose big on the 10th.
you know what tho?
sometimes its a good thing to be “the fool”…
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