Minding My Business (Long Distance)

l-Happy-Mountain-Foxtoday was a day.
it was pretty eventful to say the least.
it felt like a climb up a very large mountain.
one of many i have climbed recently.
after i wrote the two entries earlier,
i got my clothes together and left the crib.
it was hotter than i expected so i was covered in sweat.
i couldn’t stop sweating.
i was on the train probably looking greasy as hell.
i had an appointment with my new business manager.
the fox is in business.
well trying to be…

when i went to the unemployment office couple weeks ago,
i mentioned wanting to start my own image consulting business,
as well as how to go about putting ads on “a really great blog i write”.
they told me to attend a class called “starting business 101” at one of the services they provided.
it was absolutely amazing and i learned a lot.
i networked with a few people afterwards so i felt like i accomplished a lot.

tumblr_mohoauvoV61rxgbteo8_250today i had a meeting to discuss my credit and the different legal structures in which to start a business.
so they told me i have perfect credit.
when i went to apply for a credit card before,
i got a nice curve.
miss dreadz,
my business manager,
told me that i probably have no credit and i would need to establish it.
she mentioned something about secured credit.
i’ll look into it but if my guys have any suggestions…
we when talked about the legal structure of owning a business.
sole ownership,
“c” corporation,
“s” corporation,
and llc.
it all sounded like german and complicated like shit

IMG_0423… but she broke it down the best she could for me.
i’m sure i need more help but i’ll wait until i reach that point.
it felt good to be starting something for myself.
i want to bring this site,
as well as my career,
into a successful and professional direction.
the wolf that works in her office tho>>>>
yes he is a nice piece.
i’m sure  100% straight…

tumblr_mohoauvoV61rxgbteo2_250when i went to get the train to go home,
the machine decided it wanted to malfunction on me.
i was so tite!
i didn’t have enough money to take a cab home,
so i needed to do something.
i thought going through the emergency gate,
but i knew the police would snatch my ass up and write me a ticket.
this spanish vixen also was having issues so we decided to walk to another station for help.
she was pretty cool and,
like me,
had told herself to get refill the card earlier.
there were so many fine wolves walking the streets.
there was one hood wolf who looked like:

tumblr_mkyr4m0ok81rajv8co3_400just shorter and more muscular.
i nearly broke my damn neck.
i have a minor attraction to the hood wolves.
nothing long term.
just sex objects.

i decided to go get the rent.
i only have 50 dollars to my name now.
ain’t that great?
officially “in-between blessings”,
but at least my rent is paid for the month.
i’lll be in the crib unless i get a call for a job.
i wanted to drop my computer off at the apple store because of a mic issue,
but i’ll pass until next week.
all in all,
i have a lot to research for “homework”.
i have an appointment with their legal department to discuss some issues for my site.
i also have to attend another class which i’m looking forward too.
these mountains are starting to have great scenery into whats coming.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Minding My Business (Long Distance)”

  1. good job. youll prob go LLC, because then if you are sued they can only go after the companys network, aka jamarifox.com, and not your PERSONAL assets. good luck

  2. #inspired thanks for sharing it’s so good to hear people getting ideas and trying something different, especially a brotha in this day age when every other black man wants to be a rapper, singer or basketball player….

    1. ^thank you m!

      you know what?
      miss dreadz was telling me you can be all that,
      but when you go about it the right way,
      it looks more professional to people who would want to invest in you.
      the whole business world is really interesting.

  3. Jamari, secured credit is credit that is extended to you from a deposit you make on the initial set-up. For example, I gave PNC 250 dollars to start mine. Every month I use it like a real credit card and pay back the money in thirty days. It helps to build your credit.

    Now, my limit helps me to control me spending simply put. I will spend money on a card faster than I would cash. So I have to choose which purchases need to made verses want. So I cant choose to go to happy hour every day and then dinner with friends and probably go shopping. I have to pick which wants have to be met. Moreover the limit is an amount that is small in that it would balloon into a uncontrollable bill.

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