Damn Baby, I Want You To Put Those Heels On and Walk Slowly To Me

tumblr_mtoxda3Im41qjsn5wo1_1280anyone who knows me know i love clothes.
well you should if you follow my ( x fox swagg ) board on pinterest.
shameless plug.
when my money gets right,
you aren’t going to be able to tell me shit when it comes to the threads.
especially my kicks.
i can wear a cheap outfit and set it off with some fire feets.
now you getting me all hard and shit.
in my image consulting,
i would rather do men.i’m not a big fan of dressing vixens,
but i do like to see a vixen in a nice pair of heels.
nothing sexier.
i was trollin’ the christian loubs site and saw these couple of heels tho…

orkx6qits a shame how hoodrats brought christian’s heels down.
i remember working an huge event that dealt with rich housewives.
some of the tv “housewives” were there as well.
these were the ones whose husband is banging the secretary while she is at home counting his money?
yeah, my favorites.
so in all her boredom,
she decides to start a charity to “give back” aka tax write off.
well one thing i remembered was that their heel game was sick.
it actually looked better on them.
i never really interacted with wealthy snow bunnies until that and i was really impressed.
i notice some black vixens heels wear them when they going to the club.
just look at half of them on instagram.
the snow bunnies looked more poised.
not to mention all these women got in chauffeured cars instead of hoping in some baller wolf’s navi.
i never forgot that because it screamed “class and sophistication”.
i love that shit and strive to be like that.
ya know i might just have to start a vixen swagg heel board on pinterest.

tumblr_lrzew4AN3E1qkomroo2_r1_500lowkey: can we talk about how ugly his christian louboutin’s men sneakers are?

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  1. Hey have you seen the new pic Kerry Rhodes posted on his IG.Damn his arms are incredible

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