In The Picture Perfect World, Even The Shit Smells Like Roses

lrecoubwhat does this picture mean to you?
everyone will have a different meaning.
art is meant to have your own perception.
this is how i took it….

the guy on the books educated himself to know what the world is really about.
he can see the bigger picture of what the world is really about.
the guy at the bottom isn’t as educated.
therefore every day to him a snuggle commercial.
the sun is shining,
fresh cut grass,
and a damn teddy bear jumping up and down in a basket of towels.
the picture is very deep that i had to ask myself if i’m the man on the books?
am i mr. smarty pants?
not trying to brag,
but after being alone and having to fend for myself for so long,
i learned a lot about the world and the people in it.
working in entertainment has taught me how celebs really operate.
dealing with wolves makes me see how a majority really are.
i kinda miss the days when i was just ignorant to everything.
bright eyed and bushy tailed.

tumblr_m6gxmq28IS1ru420jo1_250i have my emotional “meltdowns”,
as someone so eloquently put it recently,
because i’m tired.
tired of not having parents to check in.
tired of not having a date.
tired of being a slave for money.
tired of “learning” maybe?
as much as i try to achieve happiness,
is it really meant for me?
would life be better if i was a complete dumb ass?
if i didn’t ask questions?
if i ate up all the cheese that was fed to me?
always going into every situation with my “perfect picture” glasses on.

tumblr_ljo64dNCDZ1qhfc59o1_500happiness for most of us is attaining success in every area of our life.
i notice some people are happy doing the most basic things.
their day doesn’t really take any effort.
sex sites daily,
club at night.
in and out of friends.
trolling for dick and being satisfied when they get it.
they operate like vampires or some shit.
i can’t.
is the reason i’m not “happy” is because i’m just way too street smart now?
the school of hard knocks taught me a lot.
now i think before i jump,
plan before i attack,
and observe before i go in.
are some of us just way too knowledgeable about life for our own good?
should we all just live seeing the sunshine and the trees all the time?
would my site be more popular if i just talked about fuckin’ and who banged me out the night before?
and would (baller)wolves chase me if i was a basic queen who was super messy?
does being too “intelligent” ruin your chances of happiness?
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Does ignorance truly mean bliss?


7 thoughts on “In The Picture Perfect World, Even The Shit Smells Like Roses

  1. I’ve been on this new thing this wolf I been with for like 2 years now showed me. It dealt with true confidence within myself and stop trying prove myself to people. He showed me how that translates to being comfortable with what’s really needed.

    Simply put stop trying to reinvent to wheel and improve a perfect circle. Release the control that we have as deeply analytical personality types and foxes tend to have. For example: Meet a guy, no need to show him I’m smart and can have a intellectual conversation just show him through my actions, because honestly at the end of the day he probably still has a single objective in mind and whether you’ve shown that you solve quantum physics or not it doesn’t change anything.

  2. i think this is your BEST entry…so genuine, so heartfelt so REAL!!!! so real that i had to save the picture to my laptop and just look at it again…Knowledge is Freedom and Ignorance is Slavery…hence the state of the general population, and when i say knowledge i don’t necessarily mean formal knowledge because i have a college education (graduate in December) and i’ll go into grad school in January and i’ve come across many educated people who are still ‘ignorant’ to the ways of the world. True knowlege comes from living, trial and error and EXPERIENCE…

  3. I don’t think that ignorance is bliss. With enlightenment u have the ability to reach meaningful happiness. I feel those guys that jump from bed to bed have short term happiness that will end quickly when their hoeing catches up with them. Besides u can’t tell if sumone is happy by looking at them. These are sum of the same people who are depressed but trying to cover it up.

  4. Homos don’t know better because you ain’t taught better. Mommy and Daddy don’t know some of you gay so you aint raised to know how to handle shit. Most of yo parents would hate yo ass if they found out you like dick so you learn from the streets and turn tricks for free. Just the way I see it.

  5. NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

    Living in this perfect world as you put it gives these idiots out here HIV too. This is why they are in a vicious cycle. Don’t dumb yourself down for any man. I’ve noticed everyone now are pretty much followers. Their leaders are celebrities who kindly take their money. There are no leaders because it’s the blind leading the blind!!!!

  6. Of all the blogs you have written, this one is super deep. Gays are often ignorant in society because they don’t know better. Trifling “anyone” gets the relationshop because they subject themselves to bullshit just to get chose. Like attracts like maybe? Are you and I single because there are no intelligent men in this gay lifestyle? Wow there is a lot to think about with this one. Good work!

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