where, oh where, has the sunshine gone?

there are some regions in the world that don’t get much sun.
it rains or very cloudy pretty much all the time.
when the sun does come out from its cloudy closet,
everyone including animals makes a beeline outside to indulge.
in this current climate tho,
with pandemics and economic woes,
where everyone’s mental health is being put through the wringer,

doesn’t it feel like…

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In The Picture Perfect World, Even The Shit Smells Like Roses

lrecoubwhat does this picture mean to you?
everyone will have a different meaning.
art is meant to have your own perception.
this is how i took it….

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The Snake in My Paradise

tumblr_mm6j76fLj51qaksv8o1_500today is an absolutely beautiful day.
i decided to take a walk and clear my head.
i put my headphones on and listened to amerie’s “all i have”,
r. kelly’s “r.kelly”,
and fantasia’s new one.
perfect spring albums.
i got my hair cut,
sat in the park,
had some “me” time,
went and bought some groceries,
and bought this…

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