what in the world is different with kendall jenner?

the kkk are legit shapeshifters.
if they were villains in marvel,
they would be a gaggle of terror who can morph into different people.
i’d actually love to see that.
kendall jenner was trending today because she posted a new pic,
but i think she shapeshifted in it bh.

¬†i can’t tell exactly.


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thank you for showing me love on the ig foxhole

i didn’t start the foxhole based off my looks.
for a long time i thought i wasn’t attractive tbh.
i started this platform based off my words and expressing my thoughts.
i stayed in the shadows for many years and its a blessing to have grown with my supporters.
after my cut,
i felt inspired to do something on the foxhole ig.
that is a place where i usually highlight the best meat on the market,
while giving quick bites on my ig stories.
i decided to put myself on display…

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king agu made me realize something about myself last night

i’ve come a long way and i gotta really applaud myself.
in my 20s,
i was super desperate to get into a relationship.
someone put the idea in my head about masculine males being gay/bi and it was ON.
it caused me to be put on to many fucked up entanglements.
i’ve met a lot of big deals a like rapper,
a government official,
and a nfl baller wolf.
i was dealing with some really good wolves too.
my past issues fucked them all up.
maybe i wasn’t supposed to link up with them for a relationship.
i don’t know.
back then,
if i was to see a fine ass male dating another male,
like this picture of king agu and his boo from yesterday…

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(social scandal!) is nathaniel noir’s tail… real?

“is nathaniel noir‘s tail real?”
that is what the questions are today.
from the foxhole to lurkers in the forest,
everyone is abuzz over this picture he put up on his ig…
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Nicki Minaj Has A New (Alleged) (Vintage) Penis

so nicki minaj wants you to keep all the attention on her.
that’s it.
look at no one else.
she may have a new alleged penis on her 2017 itinerary.
it might be a huge upgrade from the one attached to meek mill.
check who it might be…
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When Hugging Lucien Laviscount Looked Gay AF?

i was gonna feature ^this one too because i saw this pic on tumblr.
i thought it was some young up and coming model.
he looks like a younger christian keys/drake hybrid.
in actuality,
it’s up and coming british actor wolf,
lucien laviscount.
he was in the first season of “scream queens”.
sidebar: i love his name.
it sounds so…

rich wolf who lives in the hamptons,
has a stock portfolio as his birth certificate,
 christian grey tendencies,
and is the type of person lana del rey gets depressed about

…my type?
he posted a picture of his best friend of 10 years,
vans morgan,
on his instagram.
well mto claims lucien wanted to let us know he was allegedly coming out of the closet.
well it was how he took the picture that has everyone assuming so…
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