(social scandal!) is nathaniel noir’s tail… real?

“is nathaniel noir‘s tail real?”
that is what the questions are today.
from the foxhole to lurkers in the forest,
everyone is abuzz over this picture he put up on his ig…

which lead to what a lurker sent me in my email:

i’d imagine it’d be hard to work out in butt pads.
all that chafing just to be an attentionisto.
attentionistas are in full make up in the gym to take pics nowadays so…

it’s very questionable.
his tail stands out from the side in all his pictures.
when his camera man releases ig stories like this tho:

…with a full wedgie,
then i have to question if the pic was an optical illusion.
so i’ll ask the foxhole because it gave me a headache

Was it just the picture that made Nathaniel’s butt cheek deflate?

…and do we have any volunteers to go find out?

lowkey: please don’t ruin kellon deryck and ( x his daddy grand bunz ) for me.

33 thoughts on “(social scandal!) is nathaniel noir’s tail… real?

  1. Plus most of y’all have personality traits where y’all say you wanna do this and that but won’t take any actual steps to get to a place like that and bail out when it gets hard that’s why your stagnant for results you want

  2. This makes sense – his body doesn’t make sense. I have a huge muscle ass but also big thighs and calves to go with it, and a big waist, big chest, big shoulders. Nobody has a genuine thick ass without thick thighs at minimum. Look at JLo or Serena with their big bodies – you just dont get one part of your body naturally oversized unless you have a disease.

    Hes like Khloe or Kim – two sticks with giant ass on top. that just doesn’t happen in real life.

    Also he absolutely LOOKS like the phony kind, this is the guy that will tell you to meet him somewhere then he won’t show up and act like hes the victim.

  3. Oh, I love it when topics get deep like this and the foxhole be bringing out facts. I enjoy reading!!

  4. He can sit on my face anytime! I just wonder how will his ass age because all these young people with gigantic butts turn into grandparents with these ol donkey butts. It definitely has an expiration.

  5. I feel like it’s real but I’m more concerned about the people going after him for whatever reason. Nathaniel honestly doesn’t bother anyone. He does his workouts and stuff like that and that’s about it. Even with him doing that, he never says you’ll get a butt like mine, its more about exercises for that area.

  6. @Endless

    I’ve had countless gym memberships so don’t come at me with your bullshtt retorts. His ass is FAKE and I don’t know why you’re so damned salty about the truth being said. Have you been blinded for so long in this world of fake asses by Kim Kardashian and Milan Christopher that you don’t actually know what real gluteus maximus are supposed to look like? This dude obviously got some work done and it looks unnatural and effeminate af! Fat transfers, or implants. I don’t care! This shtt looks stupid on a grown man.

    And and MAN who says another man with butt enhancements looks appealing must with a bottom with the same aspirations.

    1. @blackpegasus

      Who hurt you SIS?

      Who are you trying to fool? Having a gym membership for a week then dipping because your fat ass can’t run on a treadmill for over 5 minutes doesn’t count! Cornball. Youre the salty one because you’re most likely bad-bodied hence why you come on here trolling.

  7. It’s real… damn gays be the biggest haters 😂 I’d like to throw in a bet that more than half of the people saying it’s fake aren’t even people who’ve been working out for years.

    I remember some people on here also saying that Milan Christopher’s butt was also fake.
    I wouldn’t put it past Milan to get surgery but his ass looks like a very toned muscle butt that’s had years of training. Just look at that Latin guy Ramses, he’s another one.

    A big bubble butt with a gym membership is attainable. And to the person saying he needs huge legs to match the butt, I hope you do know that there are isolated exercises for glutes. Not every butt exercise works the leg muscles.

    1. @Thicker
      ….idk if you’re joking about Milan Christopher or not, because you can see a fairly recent pic on his instagram with the Pizza box that he had indeed gotten butt enhancement surgery.

      It’s very obvious, especially considering the video he posted not two months before that. Idc if he got work done, but i’m just stating the facts so that people aren’t misinformed.

      I have a butt, i gym very very heavy but it’s always been there and the gym tones the ass n makes certain muscles more defined. But a butt that size on that frame would mean he would have to bulk up A LOT, pray that his ass gets some of that bulk then lean up while concentrating enough on your ass so that it doesn’t lose it’s gainz.

      The issue is that you can’t tell your body where to distribute fat, and his butt is unlikely to be that voluminous from training alone. Sure it cld be big, but let’s not be crazy here.

      Side-note, for those wondering why it could be an issue…it’s literally his brand. It’s all his videos focus, zoom and enhance on. It’s what he makes sure to showcase to sell his program…it would be disingenuous for it to be artificially done.

      Also, he talked about-pubically- using a butt cream years and years ago (circa ~2013) that helped facilitate his transformation.

      1. You guys are tripping you can literally get a butt like that from GLUTE ISOLATION TECHNIQUES SQUATS WORK OUT YOUR BACK MORE THAN YOUR GLUTES THAT’S PROVEN , plus do any of you even do hip workouts and medias workouts? Just do fucking bridges a whole lot heavyer than your own body weight fucking eat any food you want junk do media’s workouts and do sit ups for your abs and push ups for your chest and wallah the place that heals the most and has been worked out the most WILL gain all that fat and muscle because it needs to heal and creatine helps cause the water will fill up whatever muscles are being worked out the most God the sassy gays are so retardedly annoying YOUR ALL A BUNCH LF NIKADO AVACODOS inside some outside to but yeah there you go I just helped all of you now go do and prove my own science I’ve done to myself to the world BUT ALSO mentally meditate and constantly subconsciously talk with your body to send fat to your but genetics help but who needs fucking genetics when you can alter your own body through physically with your brain and action behind it no one is predestined it’s just an excuse if your not crippled

    2. No cap foreal like there racist there divas there so many things the coolest gays are the ones who are like from the key and Peele sketch who ain’t with no drama 😒

  8. I think it’s “fake” but again what do you all consider fake? It feels real and theoretically it is real. It’s becoming quite cheap (under $7000) to have lipo then the fat reinserted into the butt with BBL. Bunz are really just fat.

    Your booty will never grow from working out—stop telling that damn lie boy. Booty is mostly fat, not muscle. Genetics determine if you’re more predisposed to having fat in your booty.

    1. It sure can grow from working out. Mines did. And I was a flatly Patty before that. Excercises for your gluteus medius and glueteus maximus will help the muscle grow from your buttocks.

  9. Update: so after watching his body transformation over a period of years I am convinced his butt is fake (although it looks amazing) the size and shape of your body parts are determined by genetics. Thats why its so hard to grow calf. And that’s why if you have a flat butt you can tighten it up but you can make it grow huge. Nathaniel ‘s early pics have him with a small butt. If his butt was real he would always have a big butt for his frame even when he was skinny. The butt he has doesn’t come out of no where. Also if his butt was just working out he would have huge legs to match and he doesnt.
    One thing that might throw a wrench is this is if he is on steroids , but it doesnt look it.

  10. it’s 100% real. if any of you actually watched his workout videos on YouTube, you’d know this wouldn’t be a question. there are plenty of videos with his butt in them, and even the way it moves (jiggles) shows that it’s natural.

    1. That’s what I was saying. I feel like as closely as I’ve watch his videos I would’ve noticed. Those things are for aesthetic purposes and not exercising and would be pretty obvious during lower body movements.

  11. LOL its always homos who’ve never stepped in a gym a day in their life that have so much BS to say. His butt is 100% attainable. I would know thanks to working out for years. Only a bad-built gay guy would question this smh.

    Maybe he wears shorts all the time because he’s not one of those thirsty IG gays who like to show their asses for likes? He might actually be serious about his brand/craft unlike many of the attentionistos that y’all beat your beat to. Not every dude likes to take underwear pics, I’ve seen plenty straight dudes who work out who don’t post underwear pics either.

    Let this dude live, he seems genuine & doesn’t bother anybody.

    1. @endless
      “Maybe he wears shorts all the time because he’s not one of those thirsty IG gays who like to show their asses for likes? He might actually be serious about his brand/craft unlike many of the attentionistos that y’all beat your beat to”
      …idk if we’re talking about the same guy, but this is literally all he does. Like 99% of his instagram/youtube.

      Showing his ass, showing his ass while walking, running, doing nothing but pointing. It’s all he does for views. I’m not even kidding. It’s the entirety of his brand…

      Jes saying

      1. STFU you so fucking fake I hate gays like y’all that make the community look bad wannabe bitch divas who never grew up out of your high school fazes like nikado avacodo let people live damn he doesn’t do shit to anyone he has multiple tapes he shows of other workouts and his clothing brand your so fake and jealous you don’t even see that

  12. OMGG, I am sooo glad you posted this because I had done a little investigation a few days ago. I had no idea someone else was thinking this.

    It’s not real.

    I didn’t think silicone butt pads but I did think he was wearing those booty pop underwear. The reason for my suspicions is that his pic with him in nothing but leggings was only from the front as the lines would show from the side/back. He wears shorts that are Juuust a little too baggy to hide said lines. But in one of his videos, it’s clearly some form of support for when he squats you can see the shape take form.

    He’s using whatever it is to sell his booty workouts, which probably work, i’m not hating him on that, but to imply or suggest his progress is natural is really a joke.

    1. I really think you negative clowns need to find you some business. His booty is real and the exercises he does makes it plump. His booty matches his body frame. Clearly a blind fool can see that. Stop hating and get in the gym. His exercise regiment works for me.

  13. Personally, I’m pretty terrible with stuff like this. I never really know but I know that I don’t like “fake things” wether they are tits, asses..and I’m hearing that men even get fake pectoral muscles. I’ve had a hard time being really into Kendall, but it is what it is.

    I think Nat is cute in his ownoway wn he has that booty goals that make you want to join in on the booty gang. It does look.weird sometimes to see a man with a huge butt, but for him..it levels out with his thickness (if it’s all real). I’d love to slap him on the butt. I love when guys have somewhat muscular butts that look strong.

    There could be many explanations. It could be fake and he could be using the Instagram to build hype and make money because he knows people are naturally all low-key attentionistos at heart and want to be notice and anbig booty gets you noticed.

    Then there are the jealous flat booty bottoms who might be trying to gossip and start mess. We really shouldn’t be surprised that people talk about him. This is the internet and his pics are broadcast on a plethora of gay sites. Someone is not gonna like you somewhere for whatever reason but that’s THEIR problem. But I can gurantee that you can be the sweetest person in the world but you will always find someone that hates candy.

    I hope it’s not fake but I’m low-key agreeing with the poster that said he needs to drop a nude pic (or in a thong) just to be sure the receipt matches what’s in the buggy…

    Just saying.. Show yo booty Nathaniel!! We believe in you!! 🤗

    The only bad butt besides a fake one is one that is not clean.😂

  14. I hope it isn’t true, but the question is why are dudes coming for him and he literally bothers no one?

    If anyone had any dirt on him it would’ve leaked by now 🤷🏾‍♂️

    He’d still be attractive by most standards without the ass so it’s a fail 😂

  15. Sooooooooo…. sigh… I hope this isn’t true. I do know he has been doing this whole “shred” journey so maybe it’s shrunk some due to that. Beyond the a$$ he seems like such a level headed guy that wouldn’t be caught up in all the smoke and mirrors of the internets….

  16. I personally think it’s real but I also don’t see why it even matters. He seems like a good dude who’s not out here being messy. All he does is post workout videos and minds his business. I don’t think it’s necessary to analyze and pick him apart. Also, anyone who takes pictures for a living knows how angles, posing and lighting can alter how a picture looks

  17. It looks like he has a big butt in real life, but the huge booty pics are photo shop and the deflated booty pic is just his posture.

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