insecure, you’re doing a great job with your sex scenes sweetie

it’s here!
it’s here!
“insecure” on hbo is here!
oh thank God.
as soon as last season ended,
i lit a candle to get my through until it’s return.
well this 3rd season started out with a bang.

can we stop to font about how daniel was re-arranging that vixen’s whole vagina?
when i think of the phrase:

fuckin’ someone’s brains out

…i think of what he was doing.
at first,
i thought it was issa underneath him,
but it was only fitting that she was on the couch.
i would hate to be in that position.
with a pillow over my head because my ex is being inconsiderate.
i felt daniel was doing that spitefully tho.
he was doing that to get back at issa.
think about it.
if any of your exes was laying on your couch right now,
and you had some “11pm to 3am” entertainment over,
you wouldn’t be putting on a show?
especially one who played games and hurt you?
well i’m petty.
don’t even lie to me and font that you wouldn’t.

i felt sorry for issa tho.
i’ve been in that situation before.
even tho he wasn’t my ex technically,
it was some wolf that i caught myself liking back in the day.
i totally listened in because,
that’s what jamari fox does.

issa is still in her dead end day job,
but i was really feeling her night job as a lyft driver.
karaoke actually does it,
but she says she isn’t like how issa was.
it’s “pick em up and drop em off”.
knowing me,
i’d have some straight up entertainment for my passengers.
ain’t no rolling weed in my car tho.
(sidebar: nathan was cute and generous af…

we like those qualities in a wolf.)

molly is living the life i deserve,
but i’ll need dro to review the “fwb” contract tho?
calling her to find out her day and then gonna pop up in her crib?

Doesn’t he have a whole wife?

find out what your wife is doing.
you can tell he’s feeling molly on a serious level.
deep down inside,
she’s feeling the same too.
he has that pesky “wife” situation going on tho.
open marriage or not,
it’s still a risk that could her hurt.
i won’t allow it.

i don’t have any negatives about the tonight’s season debut.
i laughed,
was involved,
and was moist over daniel’s stroke/tail game.
it doesn’t beat lawrence sex scene in season 1,
but he is cumming in a close second.
i’m pretty much satisfied with everything i watched tonight.
twitter was all about it too.
my tl was poppin.
as someone who is living the theme for this current season,
“if you know better; you’d do better”,
while watching issa trying to get her own life together,
i know i’m going to enjoy this season on a spiritual level.
i like seeing imperfect characters fuckin up,
but still trying to get to the next level in my tv programming.
it makes me feel like the universe is guiding me along the way.

video clip cc: insecure | hbo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “insecure, you’re doing a great job with your sex scenes sweetie”

    1. ^shit i would star if the script was right.

      lowkey: i’d love to create one,
      because i have a ton of ideas,
      but i feel that would happen later than sooner.

      1. I also think you should start. I tend to do lengthier works but I can write screenplays as well and I also have a story in mind about a young guy but not in the big city. I want this to be relatable to other folks who don’t live in such high profile places.

  1. I had a hard time watching Issa not get a win professionally or personal, but that’s hows life can be at times so at least it was real. Here my two cents:

    – Daniel’s body and swag tromps Lawrence, but bringing over another girl to fuck while Issa is there is disrespectful and petty. The problem is that it’s clear he really has strong feelings for her and Issa has some for him just not as strong. When you think about it the roles are reversed Issa is the fuckboi while Daniel is the stereotypical girl getting her hopes up being played by said fuckboi.

    – I’m glad Molly got a vacay and went alone even tho Issa didn’t have the funds to go. I’m also glad she is taking a stand and being more in control of her personal life.

    – Also glad that it’s confirmed that Dro’s wife knows about Molly because for some reason I had a sneaking feeling he was lying about the whole open relationship thing. This puts black open relationships in a main stream light so I was happy it’s wasn’t shown as not being possible of some.

    The lyft was cute af and will definitely be back for Issa.

    All in all I’m excited to see it back, hopefully its more than just 8 episodes this season.

    P.S. There’s news that Kid Fury is developing a dark comedy series for HBO, about a young black gay men juggling life and depression is the Big Apple, a gay version of insecure might not be as far off as we thought.

  2. Loved the first episode. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Molly’s living her best life at the moment.

  3. Yes, to the Daniel fan club…he is a walking Hershey Bar of masculine perfection. When I saw him shirtless I was like.., “Damn.” And it takes a looker to get me to say that.

    Just peep how the room lights were bouncing off that dark skin. Had me speaking in the tongues for a minute.

    Y’all Know I like my coffee dark and rich.

    And I’ll be darn, if Issa ain’t bout the cutest woman. She has such a baby face. She’s so adorable.

  4. Okay I need to resubscribe to HBO right quick. I hate that this show strikes a cord with me but it does. In the end, it means nothing but empty boxes and disappointment because we Gays continually try to mold our lives based on the relationships of the Straights and it always leads to something disjointed and irregular. Meaning, “Not quite for us” but feels so damn guud.


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