nfl baller wolf, noah spence, gained a lot more meat in a year

i like a wolf with a lot of lean meat going on,
but still with a decent amount of grab.
ya know what i’m fonting about foxhole?
nfl baller wolf for the tampa bay buccaneers,
noah spence,
did just that.

^that was alla him in 2016 and 2017.
during the off season,
he went from 228 to 263 pounds by eating 9,000 calories a day.
a foxholer sent me what he looks like now in 2018

mmm mmm mmm.
he looked like a snack before,
but now he is a full blown meal.
i’d love a piece.
noah gained the weight to be a better defensive end.
he says the weight gained helps him better with the run.
from the start of 2018,
he has been eating 9 meals a day that were loaded with carbs.
according to what he told espn via “the daily mail”:

Right now, I don’t do a lot of protein,’ Spence said. ‘I try to fill up on a lot of carbs, like a lot, a lot of carbs so I can keep my weight on and have a lot of energy.’ 

He now consumes seven protein shakes filled with peanut butter, coconut-milk ice cream, bananas and almond milk. 

Spence is also filling up on potatoes, pasta and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as well as proteins like salmon, chicken and turkey.

His personal chef said he had to cut back on preparing vegetables and quinoa because Spence kept losing weight. 

Spence said he was also drinking about a gallon of water each day. 

i find there is a positive and negative to dating really fit wolves.
aside from the insane amounts of narcissism and low self esteem.
the positive is they will help you get into your very best shape.
all by exercise and getting you to eating right.
it’s almost like foreplay.
not to mention the sex with all that stamina

the negative is they’ll be patrolling everything you eat.
God forbid you want a brownie or a cup cake.
he’s gonna be all up in your tail with nutritional information.
daddy get off me.
i had a long day and i need this fuckin’ chunky monkey ice cream.
i can and will sacrifice for muscular meat tho.
i’ll suddenly lose my sweet tooth as soon he walks in the room shirtless.
if he has to put up with my nonsense,
i can put up with his.

article quote: espn | daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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