thank you for showing me love on the ig foxhole

i didn’t start the foxhole based off my looks.
for a long time i thought i wasn’t attractive tbh.
i started this platform based off my words and expressing my thoughts.
i stayed in the shadows for many years and its a blessing to have grown with my supporters.
after my cut,
i felt inspired to do something on the foxhole ig.
that is a place where i usually highlight the best meat on the market,
while giving quick bites on my ig stories.
i decided to put myself on display…

…and i was nervous af.
i didn’t come through with the muscles like many are use to.
i came bearing thanks for allowing me to start showing myself.
even though many of you didn’t know what i looked like until recently,
and some didn’t know up until today,
you still show me so much love when i show face.
i got some interesting ass dms,
i won’t lie to you.

i felt like one of the attentionistos today.
thank you for being there as i get more comfortable within my blogging career.

21 thoughts on “thank you for showing me love on the ig foxhole

  1. I’m not on IG like that, so didn’t click on this. But wow. May I ask what made you decide to reveal on there?
    I feel like they’re late, because we saw TMZ.

    You definitely give face. #SmolderingGaze

  2. You kept the tradition of the best meat on the market alive with your post. 😍. Nothing is better than feeling yourself and sharing that when you want to. We thank you and support all that you do. Looking like a foxy Wolfe 😍😍😍

  3. Kudos for taking these personal steps and sharing them with us! Perhaps some of the rest of us (like me) who do not post personal pics on social media will one day be encouraged to follow your lead. Keep growing, writing, and moving forward…

  4. Wow, the 6 years I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve never seen what you looked like. Though the mystery was alluring.

    You’re a very good looking man, wasn’t expecting that.

  5. i’m glad you felt comfortable sharing with us and are receiving the validation you so deserve.

  6. You’re a good looking guy! Keep the confidence to show more of yourself cuz you bound to land that one wolf you been wanting to be with.

  7. Congrats Mr. Fox for kicking in the door and breaking barriers of our self impose exile that white America has deemed only certain looks are capable and worthy of love and admiration!
    You’ve taken a gigantic step towards self love and baby boy I’ve never been more proud!
    You Are Beautiful!… You is kind…You is Important!…And those lips and that nose…boy…….giving Russell Wilson tease…

  8. Looking like a Zaddy lol…continue embracing who you are. God doesn’t make any mistakes. Keep on stepping boldly into your destiny. Star Fox is watching and so are we 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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