the ig foxhole is gone (?)

if it ain’t one thing…?
one of my favorite things to do is (was?) update my ig stories.
i loved speaking to the foxhole in dms and having intimate conversations.
i woke up today,
posted my usual,
but when i went back to post an IG story

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thank you for showing me love on the ig foxhole

i didn’t start the foxhole based off my looks.
for a long time i thought i wasn’t attractive tbh.
i started this platform based off my words and expressing my thoughts.
i stayed in the shadows for many years and its a blessing to have grown with my supporters.
after my cut,
i felt inspired to do something on the foxhole ig.
that is a place where i usually highlight the best meat on the market,
while giving quick bites on my ig stories.
i decided to put myself on display…

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