the ig foxhole is gone (?)

if it ain’t one thing…?
one of my favorite things to do is (was?) update my ig stories.
i loved speaking to the foxhole in dms and having intimate conversations.
i woke up today,
posted my usual,
but when i went back to post an IG story


now i’m confused af.
i don’t post things that aren’t in line with others on IG.
the last thing i posted was:

…and i made SURE to crop the photo so it was right under his abs.
it isn’t like folks on IG aren’t showing their whole prints,
and sexually explicit content.
i racked my brain on why ig is buggin’ out here,
but i have no idea.
i’m too emotionally exhausted to gaf.
don’t get me wrong:


…but i don’t have the energy to fight IG.
i hope it’s not gone for good tho.
i had 17.7k on there.

Should I make a backup or wait until IG hits me back with their review?

this is a good lesson for those who base their lives on social media.
it can be gone with no explaination as to why. 

lowkey: for the foxhole vets,
remember how it was on
someone was jealous and had me shut tf down?
if you don’t own your own shit,
you are at the mercy of someone else.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “the ig foxhole is gone (?)”

  1. the warning about people who create businesses around social media is valid. influencers are not businesses, they are sqwatters, subject to the whims of the real estate owners ( social media ). you have a site, an email list, those owned properties are forever more valid than a social media profile.

  2. From my experience, a lot of companies take you down due to complaints from people you possibly featured, but since they don’t want to deal with a back and forth, they just shut you down and don’t tell you why.

  3. Wow! I follow this fox on IG he is a personal trainer where did that pic come from I bet he is the one who reported IG foxhole page if he did that messed up once it out there it out there you can’t he can’t reporting every page with his nudes. Damn I will love to see the pipe though his tail looks good in them tight on IG

  4. I hope the guy pictured in your post didn’t try to take your IG down. These dudes have no business putting themselves out there like that knowing that people repost their content. If he is a personal trainer, he should develop a more professional page. But this is my opinion.

  5. Sounds like that psycho who had multiple accounts talking to theyself under the name of the white gay guy from Bravo with the real housewives went flagging every post on your profile to me. When you get it back, go private and vet your followers.

    Sorry this frustrating mess is happening.

  6. It could just be a coincidence, but my IG account was also recently disabled after saving one of his pictures. Just to be clear, I had liked and responded to the instastories of several other random models/fitness trainers I follow, so I can’t exactly say if he had anything to do with my account being disabled. I’ve also liked several of his posts previously with no problem. My suspicion was either changing devices (I got a ‘suspicious activity’ warning at some point) or a follower taking exception to engaging with their posts. If I ever get my account, I’m unfollowing everyone I’m not sure if LGBT friendly. There is an up-and-coming actor who even blocked me from viewing his stories after just ONE watch. I didn’t even comment or like the story, just watched. Next thing I knew, I was restricted and who knows what else. Instagram may be very strict now about reports (no reviewing process, for example), so you have to be careful who you follow or engage with. A back up account also wouldn’t hurt.

  7. Jamari, i have 2 friends who had the same issue. They reached out to IG and got their account restored. Apparently, since COVID, they’ve had to really heavily on automated review since human review of content that violates their policies is limited. Because automation is still fairly new, their systems unfortunately often wrongfully take down accounts that haven’t violated their policies because of the new automated review systems. So worth trying to reach out to IG. Both friend’s accounts got restored.

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