we ended it today.

today is the last time we would be meeting up.
i’ve been sad about it for the last few weeks,
but it would be selfish of me to try to hold onto someone who needed to go.
i didn’t cry,
but i felt this joy with the idea of this new me getting back into the world.

Jamari Fox is back on the market.

he spoke so highly of me before we officially ended it…

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the foxhole reigns blessins down pon me (thank you)

thank you to all the foxhole who sent me blessings these last few days.
i woke up today and saw so much love in my cash app and paypal.
you are amazing.
i’ll make sure to treat myself to a big lunch and dinner next week.
love ya.

thank you for showing me love on the ig foxhole

i didn’t start the foxhole based off my looks.
for a long time i thought i wasn’t attractive tbh.
i started this platform based off my words and expressing my thoughts.
i stayed in the shadows for many years and its a blessing to have grown with my supporters.
after my cut,
i felt inspired to do something on the foxhole ig.
that is a place where i usually highlight the best meat on the market,
while giving quick bites on my ig stories.
i decided to put myself on display…

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um, the pinterest foxhole showed tf out!

so i love pinterest.
it is one of my favorite next to twitter and ig.
pinterest has allowed me to find outfit inspo,
as well as created vision boards that allowed some things to come to pass.
these days,
i’m not on it as much,
but when i say the pinterest foxhole comes tf through!!!!
i was floored when i saw this…
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so i finally made that cash app i promised!

so i fonted that i was gonna make a cash app.
it’ll be easier to send donations and tips.
this is the cash app for the foxhole
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thank you for that blessing foxholer!

the universe is so funny with blessings.
i always have to say “thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!” out loud.
i was just saying to myself:

“I could do with an extra 200 right now.”

…and no sooner than i said that…
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