um, the pinterest foxhole showed tf out!

so i love pinterest.
it is one of my favorite next to twitter and ig.
pinterest has allowed me to find outfit inspo,
as well as created vision boards that allowed some things to come to pass.
these days,
i’m not on it as much,
but when i say the pinterest foxhole comes tf through!!!!
i was floored when i saw this…

2.01 million???????

i’m sooooooooooo grateful for all the support i receive.
as you know,
i started the foxhole way back in 2009 and continue to be blown away at the love i receive.
as of late,
i feel i am finding my voice and who i am.
folks are starting to see me as well.
ya’ll show tf out for me and i love you so much for that.
shiiiiiiiiddddd i feel like ya’ll would fight people who hurt me.
it’s been a tough year filled with so much loss,
but the foxhole continues to keep me focused on the goal.
i hope with these stats,
i can find good sponsorships to allow me to reach my dreams.
either way:

So much love to the Pinterest Foxhole!!!

low-key: if anyone is good at ads,
or knows how to get ads for a site with the content i produce,
please hit me up because i need to connect with you!

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