king agu made me realize something about myself last night

i’ve come a long way and i gotta really applaud myself.
in my 20s,
i was super desperate to get into a relationship.
someone put the idea in my head about masculine males being gay/bi and it was ON.
it caused me to be put on to many fucked up entanglements.
i’ve met a lot of big deals a like rapper,
a government official,
and a nfl baller wolf.
i was dealing with some really good wolves too.
my past issues fucked them all up.
maybe i wasn’t supposed to link up with them for a relationship.
i don’t know.
back then,
if i was to see a fine ass male dating another male,
like this picture of king agu and his boo from yesterday…

it would have taken a damaging blow to my self esteem.

“What am I doing wrong?”
“Why can’t I find someone?”
“Am I ugly?”

all of these self defeating and plain ol mean things i’d say to myself.
i saw that pic yesterday and i said to myself:

“Aww they are cute.”
“How did this even leak?”
“I wonder what the sex is like?”

…cause you know king agu has that big ol minotaur penis.
how someone takes that is beyond me.
( x see that ignorance here )

the days of me comparing myself to others are gone.
i don’t know them nor do i know what they are struggling with in that relationship.
we always get a front row seat during the honeymoon period and the divorce.
everything is all good until you hear what’s wrong outside of social media.
i don’t view wolves how i use to either.
my abandonment issues wanted another male to come rescue me.
by getting into a relationship,
all my problems would be over and i’d live happily ever after.
nah baby,
this is 2020.

95% of males are fuckin’ stupid and not worth anything I offer.

what’s for me will come soon.
i’m chillin and working on myself in the mean time.
my skin is poppin’,
therapy has me glowing,
and i have this peace on my really good days.

I wouldn’t have dated ME in my 20s.

i wouldn’t have dated me when i started this website either.
these days,
i’d lock me down and fuck me entirely stupid with the quickness.
i’ve learned so many new tricks along this journey of mine.
there is a confident i’m stepping into that i wish was there in my 20s,
but i don’t think i was ready for that yet.
i had to learn everything then so i can be who i am now.
i’m the prize.
congrats to king agu and his boo.

lowkey: i had a brief convo with agu about that pic.
it seems he posted it on his “close friends” option on ig,
but someone decided to be ignorant.
well their ignorance led to his arrival.
look at God.


56 thoughts on “king agu made me realize something about myself last night

  1. This is a cute pic of them.. i had no idea he was dating Joey from USC. Would of never made the connection but someone on agu ig point out that they both have on the same rings on the wedding ring finger could they be married

  2. Yay love it. He and his x dennis craig both have giants and they were battling each others walls

  3. I remember this guy now. I had to think for a second, but this is not surprising news because he seemed suspect when he was on the show. Now I do like seeing him being himself though. Hopefully he is happy.

  4. I just wanted to remind people that his last attempt on OF was wack and expensive. Please don’t join w/out a Twitter preview. $20 to see an occasional naked push-up isn’t the business.

  5. T2 you are messy af to be so “connected” to the subjects and just putting info out that’s not your business. This is why I’m real life a lot of y’all are miserable

      1. T2 is definitely right, it isn’t a secret. Agu & Dennis came to LA from Atlanta where Dennis built his career in dancing for artists such as Nicki Minaj. Then Agu got on that show & he & Dennis relationship went sour as Agu put that relationship in the shadows to appear straight for the sake of his career & they split, eventually becoming cordial & now friendly towards one another. These aren’t secrets, if your connected you know.

        1. I beg to differ This was definitely a secret and, it was the other way around. Dennis is the one who didn’t want the gay/bi sexual orientation out there. Dennis is a man who carry himself as a straight man and, only deals with women. If this ex relationship between the two is true, I’m almost certain When Agu went on that show with his gay friends it was too many eyebrows raising about Agu being gay and the possibility of him and Dennis was being questioned by others because Agu’s sexuality was being questioned why being the only straight man invited 🤔 to Cabo (rewind) Agu pretended to be straight on Dennis behalf, most people just knew them as a bro hood. With that being said if it’s true it was definitely a secret. Secret enough social media never showed it till NOW. If true They probably split cause its a case of Agu wanting to live freely and opened with his partner he didn’t want to hide anymore and Dennis believe me Dennis ain’t having it “again IF THEM AS A EX COUPLE IS TRUE.

  6. This shows me my gaydar works! Lol I remember watching Invite Only Cabo and getting that “thing” about Agu and now a couple of years later, I was on point. I’m very happy he’s living in his truth and I’m rooting for him Dennis! ❤️

  7. Congrats to Agu and I hope they remain in love.

    JamariFox, you always drop wisdom, and your comment about relationships being about more than sex is true wisdom. It’s about who you are inside and who the other person is as well. You’ll find someone who can love and appreciate you. Stay on your journey and thanks for sharing.

  8. Its all about the time, place. I’m a hermit and there are times I just got to hide away from the public. I can tell you how many time a guy comes to my job telling me where have you been, how come I’ve never seen you before, and why no one has scooped you up? Making appearances is a struggle even when you have to go in disguise for the bad days but theres always someone watching.

  9. Maybe I’m wrong wasn’t he on a Bravo show messing with a white chick.
    He always played/acted straight but then again, he is friends with Steven “straight for today” Beck lol 😂
    Didn’t anyone else see that Bravo show?

    1. oh my god steven fucking beck. is he everybody’s friend. i’m just gonna assume any man hanging with him is selling dick n buss cuz aint no way he’s that charismatic to have so many acquaintances.

    2. The show was Invite Only Cabo and he fooled around with a white woman and a black woman on the show.Back in 2017 multiple people from the Atlanta area said he had been in a long term relationship (10+ years ) with a man
      and they moved to LA together several years ago.If you check the archives or the earliest posts about him you can see the comments.

      1. I’ve seen that show and he was on that show naked half of the time in front of the guys and girls and not giving a fuck.

    3. Yeah Agu and Dennis have been over for like 2 years now (sold their house and everything)— Joey (new boo) and I have a mutual friend… and Joey definitely gets paid by white men to massage them because he tried to get my friend to do it (saw the text)—— i liked Agu and Dennis together tho, but I’m glad they both found someone else.

        1. He is a bottom. That’s how. Y’all just assume cuz the dick is big a nigga gotta be a top but most dudes get tired of doing all the work of topping and decide to try bottoming. Don’t assume because of someone’s dick size that they top cuz you’ll be disappointed everytime.

          1. i agree with you that we shouldn’t judge someone’s sexual position based on penis size but are you for real about tops getting tired of topping so they decide to bottom. Sorry but that sounds stupid. Getting your asshole lubed up and used to the in & out ain’t no easy feat either.

            if people truly get tired of giving or receiving then they might as well just start rubbing their dicks together.

          2. Most dudes what now? Yes, dick size doesn’t indicate position, yet I don’t know too many tops that get tired of it. If they’re vers, they’re vers. If I bottom, it’s because I want to try it, but I’m never gonna get tired of topping – that man was just playing a role then lol

  10. Well fuck a duck😱😱😱 well well well. He certainly fooled ME.. Damn.
    I should have known better. These boys on the Gram behaving all straight and shit but you look all over their page and no sight of a WOMAN… 🧐🧐🧐 HMMMMM
    GOOD FOR YOU Agu.. good for you

      1. That was unnecessary. And ignorant.

        It clearly says he posted it to close friends – you can control who see that on IG; those people likely already knew. So it wasn’t public (if you look at his feed and stories, this dude isn’t on there, except with another chick playing around). So, like Jamari said, someone made his private post, public. In other words, outing him.

        Try again.

        1. I stand corrected. I didn’t see the other responses when I made my post.

          Your shade was still unnecessary, yet it appears I was wrong and it wasn’t posted to close friends.

          My bad.

  11. Also he didn’t post that on close friends because if he did it would’ve been green, me thinks he must have got spooked by the responses.

  12. I remember Leslie Jones said something Year’s ago on a comedy standup routine that resonated with me. She said ” I remember Oprah saying if you want something to happen, make a list, pray over the list and it’ll come to past. So I went over my list in what I’m searching for in a mate and I realize that the person I want wouldn’t stop for me if we passed each other” and I was like wow. She went on to say how she has to better herself to find her soulmate and I feel the same for us all. We must grow to our best in order to attract what’s best for us. Growth in every aspect

  13. Please consider not lumping all, a majority, a few, however many men in a category of being not worth of you. You are a man, just like them and worthy of love and everything good in life. I hope you will focus on you, your happiness, and your value only, and look for those qualities in other men. When we start thinking about other men in negative terms only, we’re putting those negative thoughts on ourselves, as well. Enough psychobabble. and back to the dish! If you have an Only Fans page, you don/t have a relationship with another person. You are an Internet ho’. Finally, if your Only Fans page costs $45, you are delusional. The Wise Old Queen has spoken.

  14. I was about to say I follow him and I didn’t see this but it was for his close friends only.Well anyway Congrats to them.Black Gay Love

        1. You’re a weirdo. You will not be getting inside Jamari Fox. You might as well go back to trolling.

      1. If you never posted again, 2020 might be a little better, Andy Coheen. Sucked any bbcs, Snow Bunny?

  15. Well glad Agu found someone and never knew he was gay, bi, whatever he is these days…as for you, continue to work on bettering yourself and someone will fall into you.

    1. ^ one thing i loved that he said to me:

      “this new dude he is dating changed his perspective”.

      it taught me it’s rarely ever about sex that keeps them.
      it’s about emotionally getting into someone and showing them something new.

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