joe biden announces his vp (are we upset with his choice?)

everyone was wondering who joe biden was gonna pick as his running mate.
they were speculating today was gonna be the day that he announced.
he did and guess who he picked?…

Joseph R. Biden Jr. selected Senator Kamala Harris of California as his vice-presidential running mate on Tuesday, embracing a former rival who sharply criticized him in the Democratic primaries but emerged after ending her campaign as a vocal supporter of Mr. Biden and a prominent advocate of racial-justice legislation after the death of George Floyd in late May.

Ms. Harris, 55, is the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office by a major party, and only the fourth woman in history to be chosen for one of their presidential tickets. She brings to the race a far more vigorous campaign style than Mr. Biden’s, including a gift for capturing moments of raw political electricity on the debate stage and elsewhere, and a personal identity and family story that many find inspiring.

Mr. Biden announced the selection over text message and in a follow-up email to supporters: “Joe Biden here. Big news: I’ve chosen Kamala Harris as my running mate. Together, with you, we’re going to beat Trump.’’ The two are expected to appear together in Wilmington, Del., on Wednesday.

i called it that it was gonna be her.
didn’t she allegedly call joe a racist?
i guess she is playing a game of chess.
when he drops out from dementia,
she will be president.
i’m ready for her epic side eyes during these debates.


How do we feel about Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s VP?

lowkey: she annnnnnnnnnnnnnnoyed me on her campaign trail.
i’m shocked she didn’t come out with a video of her dancing to “wap”…

i’m waiting for a tweet from trump now.

article cc: ny times

Author: jamari fox

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34 thoughts on “joe biden announces his vp (are we upset with his choice?)”

  1. Congrats to her..Smart woman.. She’s no pushover and her prosecutors skills against Pense will make them shake in their boots..

      1. She actually said she didn’t think he was a racist…but then talked about his segregationist links. Biden represents a former slave state, Delaware, that is now more on the liberal side but was pretty backwards when he started in politics, in the 1970s. The Democratic Party back then was full of segregationists, along with very progressive elements too.

        In general Biden’s politics leave a lot to be desired, and Harris is a bit moderate for me, but I’m voting for them and straight Democratic, because I want the trash Republican Party OUT, starting with Donald J. Drumpf and every other person who enables him.

        166,000 dead Americans from Covid-19, a US economy in the toilet again (after the 2007-8 crash under Bush), endless corruption, all the stuff with Putin and Russia, US society spinning out of control, and on and on it goes. Way too much chaos, and they’re still killing Black folks. Enough. Let’s reset ASAP.

        Biden/Harris 2020. I just pray we can get to November 3, 2020 without the country completely coming apart in the seams.

        BTW, she was pretty good at her launch speech today. I felt like I was looking at the President of the US, not the VP!

  2. Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a breast-cancer scientist who had emigrated from India in 1960 to pursue a doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley. Her father, Donald Harris, is a Stanford University Emeritus Professor of Economics, who emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at UC Berkeley BIG UP Jamaica

  3. she has a problematic past in reference to policing when was the district attorney, but i am a fan of hers anyway. she is so smart and prepared and quick. she is fabulous. she was definitely in my top three.
    now that she has been picked she needs to show her authentic self, because presidential candidate Harris felt very fake and manufactured.

        1. so her record on justice is not great, however she is only the vp pick so her faults aren’t that important (think Sarah Palin) . also Trump is president during the pandemic and it’s not going well.
          there is a famous phrase, “it’s about the economy stupid”. and right now people are hurting and suffering. millions are seeking unemployment and many who are on unemployment are reaching the end of it.
          if Trump doesn’t offer some relief, his days are numbered no matter who is running against him.

  4. Hey Jamari!

    LONG TIME reader here; first time commenting. Thanks for the years of great blog posts!

    I’m very excited! Moreso at the high chance she will become president. Great ballot ticket for Dems. I hope other black people and women (in general) don’t attack her. ‘Cause she will have enough coming from the extreme left… side eye. I live in San Fran/Oakland for years now. She is well loved here.


  5. Black people: “DEFUND THE POLICE!!!” “STOP KILLING US!!!” “BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!” “JUSTICE FOR (insert name here)!!!”

    DNC/Democrat: picks “top cop” Kamala for VP

    LOL, you can’t make this sh*t up! Smh…

    1. I suggest reading this article.
      her record is actually complex. she did a lot of good and bad.
      a lot of the issues that she had are mainly a problem as seen through a 2020 lens. she also lost a lot of support from the police union because she didn’t do everything they wanted.
      she has a lot to atone for, but it’s lazy to generalize her record on criminal justice.

  6. Will we ever get a a “BLACK ” Candidate for President ,or Vice President who is not of of ” Mixed “Heritage or light skinned House N-Word???. Not in my lifetime( sad)

    ( Yeah its personal to me) What’s wrong with being “BLACK” ?????

    Its so funny how they always seem to water down black genes as if something is wrong with it Shes the 1st “Asian” American and Black” [CNN quote]

    Obama was the son of an ” Irish American ” and Black .She has a non-Black husband who she seems to hide and she tries way to hard to be black. I find her to be fake!

    There are sooooo many Black sisters ( with a Black Mother and Father) who can run circles around her. Why don’t they ever get a chance to really shine.

      1. 👀👀 Me too. I see all these Black people carrying on about her racial identity but when will we discuss her politics and record?

  7. Jamari u have to just read some of these comments and think. There will always be varying opinions..I wasn’t always a big fan of hers, however over the past few months I’ve grown to understand n respect her stand on certain issues, even if I didn’t always agree with her. My Step brother is involved in representative politics in Jamaica and is a MP.. and in the Jamaican Gov. As a Minister of Govt. So I learned a lot from him. It’s complex. I’m proud of her accomplishment as I know she struggled to bet to where she is. She is tough.and will be a formidable VP candidate.

  8. Niggas will never be satisfied!!! But best believe the RepubliKKKans will stans TEN TOES down behind their problematic ass candidate!

    1. yep, republicans. can have a pedophile, rapist, or racist (sometimes all three) and they fall in line. Republicans understand that the goal is winning.
      democrats can be very childish (I am democrat). if they don’t get thier way, if they don’t get their favorite candidate they go home and pout. that happened in 2016. the Bernie people were mad and decided to not vote. not realizing that the person they got instead, Trump, is much worse than Hilary could ever be.
      it’s a “cut off my nose to spite my face” situation.

  9. sorry but looks like we’ve got another 4 years of trump unless he’s impeached.
    started with the democrats choosing Biden, then he picks this dingbat.
    it’s a wrap.

    1. only if people assume your mindset. people shouldn’t give up or sit out the election just because their favorite didn’t get the nomination. it’s so infuriating and insulting to those that came before us.
      imagine how many black Civil rights leaders had to vote clinching their teeth. they fought for the right to vote without impediment. they knew the significance of voting even when the candidates were trash.
      never sit out an election. it’s our obligation to vote.

      1. the democrats had a chance and blew it. alot of honkeys know deep down trump is a disappointment. many of them could’ve been swayed by a good nominee. i guess being vice president wasn’t enough for biden. it’s gonna be no different than Al Gore running against Bush.

        i’ma still vote for his ass tho cuz you made me feel guilty.

  10. Listen – I’m gonna be right down at the polls in my “For The People” shirt. Bae and I were discussing her last night since he’s not really into politics but is well aware of the “cop” narrative.

    1. look into her record, it’s actually more complex then you would think. she was mostly a centrist and she upset a lot of far left (defund the police people ) by not holding police brutality accountable, and she upset the police unions by being hesitant to press charges on racial profiling cases. she also pissed off cops for not seeking the death penalty for a cop killer.
      the things she did ultimately didn’t affect her popularity because she was elected to the senate by a large margin.

  11. Some idiot refer to her as a dingbat.. Effing fool.. U don’t get to be a dingbat and becoming the First Attorney General of the largest AG system in the USA.. n on top of that end up becoming Senator
    . If U want to see a dingbat look to your Pres.. the biggest effing fool that even became pres. Of the USA.

    1. first of all. watch ya mouth. second of all, you contradicted yourself. Trump is a fucking retard and he is the President of the United States. being elected into office does not mean you are some sort of genius. just look at how this country has been ran since it’s inception.

  12. I support this choice,she is highly qualified and I like that she is making history (or herstory ☺.)

    I think it’s funny how some of the same people who say she ISN’T black because she has an Indian mother and black(Jamaican) father claim Obama IS black when he has a white mother and black(Kenyan) father.

    I just want Trump to be defeated I have been low key depressed since the day he was elected.

  13. For the record; I vote every election and despite my comments about her will vote for Biden and Kamala. Trump should have never been elected .I also feel that she is more than “Qualified” to be President. I stated my “personal opinion “which as an American I am entitled to.[ see earlier post ]

    Systematic ‘Racism”,” Color-ism”, “Sexism,” etc…. does exist!

    America is great because of diversity!!!

    I simply want to see the “Top Ticket” reflective of the total population. [ I always fight for the un-represented]

    I said it was “personal” and personal opinions is what the Jamari’s Comment Section is for. Its healthy for us to offer different opinions. I welcome opposing views because I feel it helps me grow..

    If your here commenting on this website , I feel a connection to you and appreciate any feedback that either enlightens me, or causes me to think ( smile)

    P.S. I am not being sarcastic brothers . I sincerely mean the words in this post

  14. great post, I appreciate that we can share our views and respectful.
    i am ready for more representation in the presidency and congress.

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