where you think you going wearing a dinosaur hat for your school virtual call?

i was confused why cuomo and deblasio wanted to open up schools in new yawk this fall.
a lot of parents want “in person” learning,
but i bet you as soon as there is a spike in rona cases,
cuomo is gonna shut that shit down.
cuomo is playing chess with these idiot parents.

i see you cuomo.
you smart.
i was sent the following story about a dress code in one school district for virtual learning.
it has people up in arms,
but my opinion may get me in trouble via “abc13“…

The school district in Illinois’ capital city has updated its school dress code policy for remote learning, saying students can’t wear pajama pants, slippers or hats while on camera when classes start this month.

Springfield Public Schools officials said they hope students approach online classes the same way they would attending classes in person and that means following a dress code that also bars hoods, sunglasses and bandannas, among other things. The district said students should also be “sitting up out of bed preferably at a desk or table” during remote learning, according to its school manual.

“The expectation is that the dress code is upheld,” Jason Wind, director of school support, recently told school board members. “We don’t need students in pajamas and all those other things while on their Zoom conferences.”

School officials said the policy changes were developed with teachers, administrators and parents.

in barbados,
when i had my brief stint of schooling down there,
we wore school uniforms expect for 1 day.
it was called “dressed down day” and it was usually close to the end of the year.
as adults,
depending on the job,
we have to adhere to our companies dress code.
some are very professional,
while others are very lax.
you can’t come to the office looking like a dusty,
but you are expected to look well put together.

I don’t see anything wrong with kids not wearing particular things for virtual learning.

it’s setting the tone for what’s to come in their futures.
folks would be mad af if their kid went to a job interview looking like johnny come lately.
the main part is…

They can’t wear that shit to school,
so why would it suddenly stop since kids are at home?

a side of me thinks the issue is the parents are lazy af.
now i don’t know how most of ya’ll jobs are set up…

…but are you showing up to your WFH meetings wearing whatever?

i’m not saying they gotta wear a 3-piece suit or their sunday’s best,
but how hard is it to wear a t-shirt and look present?

so ill ask the foxhole…

Do you agree with this?

lowkey: since wfh is a thing right now,
i find getting dressed like you’re going in the office helps make you feel more productive.

article cc: abc13

7 thoughts on “where you think you going wearing a dinosaur hat for your school virtual call?

  1. I started to think about why it mattered if they wore pajama pants, but kids are not going to say still long enough so that their bottom half cannot be seen. The slippers part is confusing as hell. Now how are the teachers going to see the kids feet? Are they going to make them step back far from the camera or something?

  2. I’m happy you put the issue front and center.. why does the school or your child’s educator need to show up and explain to parents about appropriate behaviors? About virtual dressing for school? AS IF.. students are doing TEACHERS A FAVOR. If this quarantine has not made parents students society APPRECIATE PROFESSIONAL DEGREED EDUCATORS..the IMPORTANCE of school then by all means keep YOUR child w you to raise teach mold, as a parent should, but dnt attempt to continue w the same BS pre-pandemic of unwanted behaviors of the class clown 🤡 no one has time for that.. EVERYONE should have a new found HUNGER in appreciating working or school or retirement.. whatever. We matter together and should want to be about the business of respecting each other as fellow human beings. Because I ain’t seen nah Black? White? Poor? Rich? Dollar yet.

  3. This ain’t no challenge to them. Kids are smart. So they will hack their appearance to their online meetings since they know they’ll only be seen from their chest up.

  4. The kids can put their uniforms on. It’ll give them a sense of normalcy and responsibility like they normally experience when going to school. They’re already home so getting dressed isn’t hard. Also whenever I had virtual interviews in the past we had to adhere to the dress code. It’s a time and place for everything so yes make them get dressed.

      1. Absolutely. We gotta dress for work at home to Zoom etc…same rules apply for school…too mich room for jammies and super hero draws, bed heads, and shirtless little boys…too much! Keep it school protocol all the way…educators too

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