when he f*cks the shit outta you and tears you a (w)hole new one

let’s talk about sex this morning.
for those WFH,
you will have to discuss it later.

when i say “he fucked the shit outta me“,
that rarely means that my future manz hurt me in any way.
someone “fuckin’ the shit outta me” meant he kilt my shit.
he was passionate,
intensely horny,
and the strokes was hittin’ my foxhole pums on another level.
it can be “killin’ yo shit” rough or the slow “long john silver” special,
but often than not,
i’m not in regret when we are done.
so a recent video has been circulating about porn star,
he had a session with a fox that had almost everyone throwing up.
the attention is in the details


so lets break ^this down.
that video isn’t sexy to me.
prk is talking that nasty shit,
but the fox looks visibly uncomfortable.
prk is enjoying dominating him so i guess that is sexy for those that like dominance.
( x this video turns me on )
the dude in the video for this entry looked like he was in serious pain.
did the he truly know what he was signing up for?
i get off to both people enjoying themselves in porn.
you can tell because the chemistry is on high so the sex flows naturally.
the dominant one knows when to slow it down and beat it up.

PRK is a rough muthafucka.

you go to him if you’re trying to get fucked.
he has a black belt in intense cheek slaying.
for some,
they can handle that meat with no issues.
others might need something more vegan.
i suspect the fox in that video is in that category.
that’s okay.
everyone can’t handle a hard pounding.

for those who are mature,
we all know that anal sex cums with its issues.
you can have your shit kilt and a (w)hole bloody scene if you’re not careful.
even if your (future) manz is way up in your guts,
you can end up getting a tear that will require stitches or surgery.
i see a lot of jokes on social media like most are immune to that kind of damage.
that’s the risks of being a fox or hybrid.
the right stroke at the wrong time and it’s…

this is just the reality of anal sex.
if you feel any kind of pain while getting smashed,
you need to stop.
when i tell a wolf stop


i don’t care how close he is to bustin’.
if he doesn’t stop,
that is damn near rape.
if the receiver is hurtin’ while getting penetrated,
and not the good kind of hurtin’,

that doesn’t qualify as ‘got the shit fucked of’…to me.

lowkey: thoughts on this tweet about that prk video…

20 thoughts on “when he f*cks the shit outta you and tears you a (w)hole new one

  1. I remember bleeding from a rough session, but I was bright enough to wear a condom that day otherwise I wouldn’t have healed as fast as I did.

    It’s true, when we start our sexual journey it’s normal, especially us clueless youngins to take the first experience as the norm.

    Which is sad because many don’t realize they’re being used and ultimately fail to realize the potential of a lovely, passionate “sexsion” until they find someone who schools and be patient with them.

    This is why you have grown folks out of touch, who have third legs but can’t maneuver, and barely know how to kiss.

    At the end of the day it’s about your worth, your discernment. I’m at the stage I can have a good time without aynal sex. Sex is way to creative to please yourself in one way. Love (self) is key, too.

  2. When you described what happened, i didnt have a need to click onto the video. As a wolf I can’t imagine not lubing my pipe or my foxes hole up before sex. Even when I jack off and can’t dry rub.

  3. That was literally disgusting to watch. I have never shut off a video that quick in my life…I also unfollowed him as soon as he repost it on my timeline. I don’t ever want to see shit like that ever again! He’s literally canceled to watch. I can never watch porn again because I’m scar for a few days or weeks after that. I’ll just watch guys jackoff for now.

  4. I had initially ignored the clip because they all basically look the same – PRK punishing some poor dude. But since you mentioned it, I looked and I literally gasped when he liked it out and took some of dude’s lining with him! It seemed like (I couldn’t play the audio), that he paused for a second – maybe out of concern? But went right back at it.

    I’m not understanding all this power pounding. Yeah, I get being dominant – I do it myself – yet I want my dude to feel good too. The long stroke does wonders.

    And let’s not get into no one using condoms nowadays…Prep doesn’t protect from STDs. I hope the guy is okay – an ass isn’t a pussy.

    1. ^”It seemed like (I couldn’t play the audio), that he paused for a second – maybe out of concern? But went right back at it.”

      i noticed that too!!!
      you could tell the “oh shit” moment.

      can this fox shit properly now?
      what is his healing process gonna look like now?
      i have a lot of questions lol

  5. I think the bottom knew what he was getting I to, but probably didn’t realize how long it would go. a lot of Bottoms can handle huge dicks but not for a long time.
    this bottom probably like it at first but after a while he probably got swollen and it started to hurt. some guys (ones that have to jerk off to cum) can fuck for hours. it’s too much for me. I like huge dicks, but after 15-20 minutes I need a break.
    some tops get off on the distress they cause. it makes them feel powerful that their dick is too much to handle. that’s probably why he doesn’t do lube.

  6. Ain’t nothing worst than to see a rosebud ass. Yo, that shit reminds me of a baboon ass, for real! I just skip over it or the session over, terminated.

  7. Thank you for coming at this with maturity, literally all the comments I read were just unnecessary. I also agree with the thread you posted I just don’t understand how no one is side eyeing PRK in this. You know what? I take that back I do understand because like the tread said there is patterned misogyny that causes everyone shaming the person bottoming in this scene. Where is the outcry of concern for him, why is it most of the men commenting first instinct to ridicule.

  8. These bottoms be liking shit like this completely forgetting the rectum is very delicate and easily tears. These men are gonna be suffering from anal incontinence before they even hit their 40’s.

  9. I noticed something about him he doesn’t properly lubricate his dick or the bottoms ass and he just pounds all crazy smh when folks are younger they think that’s sex because they watch all of that dumb porn but Good sex will have you feeling waves of pleasure and not an anal tear or prolapse. Anal prolapse is real these folks better take it easy fucking countless tops who are rough and endowed. We’ve all experienced that one guy who is just too rough. I fight niggas though so If i say STOP pussy you better stop lol

      plus if you’re really into the dude,
      there is nothing more orgasmic than mutual sexual attraction.

      i lmao’d at i’ll fight pineapples.
      and you’re right,
      he doesn’t lubricate at all.
      he damn near goes in dry.

      1. I feel sorry for this bottom 😥 I slowly realized that PRK can’t fuck, he just knows how to ram his dick in and out of a hole. There’s hardly any passion or prowess. Of all his videos I could only think of one where I actually enjoyed the scene and I think it was the one with Romance and even there Romance had to tell him to slow down and not so deep, which is a recurring complaint from the bottoms in his videos.

        1. ^i can see that.

          he is basically jackin off with their holes.
          i find 90% of males fuck like this.
          they are using your bawdy to jack off with.

          women complain about this all the time too.

      2. I entirely agree. He doesn’t lub anything. Also anyone can see that bottom dude is not enjoying it at that point. The other thing that is concerning and potentially an indicator of this truth, is the fact that he is almost clutching those poppers on the bed. I don’t use poppers. Now I’m not bashing those who do, but I don’t need them on the rare occasions that I bottom (verse-top here). I say this because when I’m into a dude who is topping me, my body will go from being locked up like Fort Knox in the desert to being as wet as a rain forest. That’s how you know. Listen to your body. It’ll tell you what it likes.

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