lebron james is the epitome of bde

i’m prepared to font it.
be damned.

Lebron James is the sexiest baller wolf in the NBA

i’m glad to get that off my chest.
sex appeal isn’t all about “looks” for me.
it’s about how a male carries himself.
it’s that confidence.
confidence (and intelligence) is sexy af to me.
granted that lebron comes with sick bawdy,
a confident walk,
and the best pair of bow legs.
he carries himself like he knows he is “it” and whew i-
lebron put on his best cocoa butter on his way to the nba bubble.

look at the meat in motion:

oh hi.
i’m horny.

lowkey: the way he was walking ( x in this entry )…
again i-

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “lebron james is the epitome of bde”

  1. I was always hater of his when he wasn’t on my Lakers team but I come to appreciate him and he does carry a swag of sexiness. Confidence is sexy.

  2. All that is true, but I be here for the way his shorts hug his ass during games. He has one of the plumpest asses in the NBA for sure.

  3. If only that energy translated to actual anatomy.

    Bron is fine but the only place he’s endowed is the back.

  4. It’s a NO for me. He is Big Corny. Sexy? Where? He tries to hard to fit in. He got basketball down packed but sex appeal?! Nah. Now Paul George is a foine in person. And those eyes 😋

  5. Never understood why people would come for his looks. He’s a very good looking man with a vintage attractiveness to him. He’d be a sex symbol in the 70’s-80’s

  6. YES ! YES! YES! MORE PLEASE!!! I love this brother . Its what he does off and on the court that sends me ( Ha ha ha ha)

  7. Not a huge, huge fan (quite the whiner sometimes) but he’s a great great player and agent of change as well. Balanced in the business side of sports as well as humanitarian….cant take that away. 8 …8 1/2 inches at the most. Lol

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