the answer to new yawk’s rat problem has arrived

i’ll never forget one time i was standing on the D train platform at 125th.
i had my headphone volume at “do not talk to me“.
i saw these random folks trying to get my attention and pointing at my foot.
when i look down…

THIS RAT IS SNIFFING MY SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

screamed like a a whole girl and ran down the platform.
rats in new yawk do not respect us,
but i think we might have the answer for their asses.
look at what was found on a train platform over the weekend via “the daily mail“…

A video of an enormous black snake slithering across a New York City subway platform caused quite the stir on social media this weekend – a rare sighting in a city more accustomed to rats and roaches rather than reptiles.

The several-foot-long snake slowly slid its way across an unidentified above-ground Brooklyn subway stop on Sunday.

The bizarre encounter was uploaded to Twitter by a train operator, who wrote: ‘Thought I have seen it all but this can’t be real.’

In the footage, a man can be seen casually standing close by to the reptile, likely waiting for an in-coming train. It’s unclear if he’s aware of the creature weaving just feet behind him.

Reports online suggest that the snake appeared to be a non-venomous black Eastern Rat Snake, which can grow up to seven feet in length, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

Their natural habitat typically extends from Connecticut to South Carolina and as far west as Kansas and Oklahoma, the federation said.

Luckily, the Eastern Rat Snake are largely harmless to humans, preferring to feed on rodents, frogs and eggs, rather than oblivious commuters.

One viewer of the video jested that New York ‘might’ve found a solution to the whole rat problem. City could save some money on pesticides (that rarely work).’

yo when this popped up on my twitter tl,
i sent it to everyone i know:

wtf was it doing in bk?
either that jumped out of someone’s bag or it traveled all the way from ct.
like on some serious “homeward bound” shit.
either way,
to handle these rats that are gonna take over NY one day,
i’m prepared to say have them come join the team.

lowkey: rats out here be jumping out the trash like…


article cc: the daily mail

14 thoughts on “the answer to new yawk’s rat problem has arrived

  1. I remember one night walking down a side street in New York near Christopher Street (not a new Yorker here) and there were some garbage can outside someone’s home. as I worked closer to the garbage can I saw some movement. then I saw a sight I will never forget, between 10-20 rats crawling in and out of the trash. I ran like my life depended on it. I had never seen so many rats in real life before. It scared me (emotionally)

  2. I would’ve scream like a girl of a snake snuck up on me like that. As for rats, I’d stomp the living shit out of it. Idgaf.

  3. That would be a blessing. Black snakes like this one are not only harmless, but protect against venomous snakes AND eat LOTS of rats. Step aside and let them get to work New York!

  4. I was saying the same thing a rat snake. I had to kill two, 2 weeks ago on my chain link fence and they standout just chilling and they do sneak up on you if they hear conversation. I had to kill them head off with a machete because my mother and neighbor get scared of there presence; however, I prefer to let them be or call the humane society because they actually control the rat population in florida. Yes they are harmless if you dare pick them up.

    1. ^i was screaming reading this.

      thats how my grandmother would killed mice in barbados.
      she would take a machete and get to slicing their heads clean off.
      i was a kid like wtf???

      1. Ah, thats how the islanders do it and my mom tells me stories in Haiti. The 2 snake were 14 inches comparable to a skinny belt. Its true if you don’t aim for the head it will still keep going.

          1. Y’all Will Need An Infestation Of Those Snakes To Eat All Those Rats Lmao! The Rate Those Rats Produce Offspring You’ll Need Them Snakes To Eat Like Goats Lmao

  5. i used to be jealous not living in the bigger cities but hearing about rats on the east coast and scorpions on the west coast. i’m good.

  6. Chile, NOT this one right here. I don’t play with snakes. Y’all can have that.

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