safaree raps about how good his jamaican beef patty is inside the wap

you knew a remix to “wap” was coming.
did you even have to wonder?
cardi’s lhhny castmate,
took his jamaican beef patty in the booth with his version called:

b.a.d reflix.



he did a solid job for his skill set.
it was nice to hear him acknowledging how they be inside all sets of pums.
vybz kartel even released one from jail:


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jamaican dem have put their flag on this song.
jamaicans gotta let you know they jamaican from 3 blocks away,

don’t they?

i don’t think the other islands are like this.
i love how boasty they be tho.
they be full of confidence and that’s sexy af to me.
most of them tend to be hoes and homophobic af,
but if you can find an evolved one who will deep dive in your fox pums,
he’ll always keep you calling out for jah.

as far as safaree jamaican beef patty,
is this all he gonna do?
( x see it here )
i think we’ve seen every variation of him stroking that meat.
at least he is being more vocal with his solo strokes.

lowkey: remember them rudejam jamaican flicks?
( x he was the sexiest )
( x him too )
( x oh and this one )
( x bonus )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “safaree raps about how good his jamaican beef patty is inside the wap”

    1. ^right!

      we need to see more jamaican stabbin videos.
      you got to see why carribean wolves be so lethal.
      even the carribean foxes.

      we cum with that hypnotizing hip action.

  1. oh my god we get it. how many times he gonna tell us but not show.
    and sorry but he coulda kept that rap. i haven’t listened to wap but if thats the beat they used i see why you weren’t feeling it. that beat is boring.

    1. ^i think the hype of the song is selling it.
      the more i hear the song,
      the more i’m finding it’s really just “okay”.
      its not good or bad.
      it’s pretty mid.

  2. No you did not break out with the RudeJam mention! You know you wrong…and so right!

    Now let me get me some “Stabin cabin” LOL

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