how to do a soft outing of one of your ex boyfriends on a podcast (olivia munn)

everyone always think males,
of all sexuality,
are the ones who kiss and tell.

You might be shocked to realize how many vixens will spill the beans.

many vixens tell me all about dudes they got smashed by.
i’ve been told how the stroke was and how big the pipe is.
luckily for them,
the dick and stroke reports stopped with me.

Many vixens will out a male in a heartbeat too.

they will quietly observe until a pot of tea is poured and there ya go.
“i knew he was gay because…”
olivia munn,
went on whitney cummings podcast to softly outed an ex boyfriend.
this is what she had to say @1:25

  • most dudes she messed with couldn’t stay out of her cooch, but he would always fake it
  • oral sex was trash, but he said he didn’t have a lot of experience in it
  • every time they had sex, it had to be dark and he’d spoon her from behind (he didn’t have to see her face or see it was a girl)
  • she got evidence he might be gay, but then she put all the pieces together
  • whitney said she has dated guys that were gay (didn’t know they were gay, some knew, one she dated repressed and dissociated it)
  • whitney said one guy she knew was gay adamantly wouldn’t fuck her while she was on her period
  • he shamed whitney into believe she was gross for wanting to having sex on her period; she realized he wasn’t into women

sidebar: Has any of the foxholers ever noticed some vixens always attract dl males?
Why is that?
What is it about them that dl males are attracted to?

I know a few vixens who never saw their love interests are usually into me

folks think it’s:

i mean,
he came with a few rumors.

a lot of dl/gay/bi males think “ima fuck her good so she thinks i’m straight“.
anyone can fuck anyone.
anyone can fuck the thought of them being gay out of someone.
anyone can have kids with someone to prove they aren’t gay with someone.
i was taught recently about looking at patterns when it comes to certain things/people.
when a sus male dates a vixen,
there is always these patterns he always does that lets her know he isn’t into her.
body language is the biggest giveaway.
sometimes she is too clueless to realize,
thinks he is pulling away,
or she doesn’t want to believe her man is really into other males.
when she starts putting 2 x 2 together,
that’s when she starts realize he might not be into her.

so a lot of these males think they’ll fool everyone by getting with a vixen.
realistically tho…

You aren’t fooling her.

…and once she puts the pieces to your puzzle together,
she might out you.

often times,
it’s not always the other male who ends up doing the outing.
one of my amazing friends,
had final thoughts in regards to this subject:


lowkey: this is why i tell males stop trying to fool the forests you aren’t gay or bi.
they ALWAYS make it obvious that they are.
some of these dudes fall so under the radar that no one cares.
its when they start being extra is when folks start to notice something is up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “how to do a soft outing of one of your ex boyfriends on a podcast (olivia munn)”

  1. Not wanting to smash a girl on her period is not a good indication someone is gay/DL. I know ton of straight dudes that find that repulsive. Some women think they because they have the WAP, that men under every circumstance will want to smash, and if they don’t it’s suspect. Uhhh why do men who have sexual morale so suspect to women?

    Also, from the sounds of her experiences she clearly unbeknown to her was a beard. Not every DL man is bisexual some are actually 100 percent just into men, but for whatever reason have to keep up with a facade. So she probably fell victim to that. I know it’s her experience to tell. But she’s coming off kind of arrogant. As if oh if a guy doesn’t want to fuck me, he has to be gay. That’s always a woman’s go to when they feel rejected in some way.

    1. ^you make an excellent point.
      i love that line about “men who have sexual morale so suspect to women”?
      i think it all boils down to women are use to males being pigs and always wanting to fuck them stupid.
      when that isn’t happening,
      he is weird or “gay”.

      i was confused by the period sex.
      that is gross lol.

      1. Maybe that’s why they continue to attract the dk/gay men because the ignorant belief systems that they think makes a man has blinded them to the understanding it don’t make a man.

  2. I don’t think there’s any malice from Olivia. But I think being an attractive woman she expects certain behaviors from men because of how they’ve always acted towards her. Years ago she told that after she got done shooting a scene, she went to her trailer and the director was in there jacking off. I’m pretty sure i remember her saying some of his cum got on her. She didn’t name names but the guy actually came out and admitted she was talking about him.

  3. I’ve always been on the fence about the female “Outing” their ex or lover, if it used in a manner to make the person seem bad or to try to embarrass a person for fun it extremely fucked up, but sometimes women do be hurt too, if u are fucking around with a man that u truly thought u was supposed to be with and turn out that he cheated on u with someone else and most importantly another man, that’s a giant ego punch to the gut that’s sometimes lead to them outing that person

  4. Gotta examine the root cause all this tho. Homophobia which is basically multiplied in the black community x 10 fucks a lot of ppl up mentally. To the point that some might keep lowkey, but others feel the need to pull these sorta stunts with females knowing full well the deal internally. It’s selfish but some these niggas go to these lengths cause of how they were raised. Constant denigration of gay dudes over and over, usually the stereotypical ones, but still all of it creates that toxic headspace to deal with over a long ass period of time. Amplify it all too if the nigga doesn’t check stereotypical gay boxes/is attractive to females as well. Its wild but when you think big picture these women who’s ego’s are bruised are such a small part of it.

  5. I don’t think the not wanting sex on her period was the issue but rather she was made to feel gross about. something every women and half the population does.

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