when he f*cks the shit outta you and tears you a (w)hole new one

let’s talk about sex this morning.
for those WFH,
you will have to discuss it later.

when i say “he fucked the shit outta me“,
that rarely means that my future manz hurt me in any way.
someone “fuckin’ the shit outta me” meant he kilt my shit.
he was passionate,
intensely horny,
and the strokes was hittin’ my foxhole pums on another level.
it can be “killin’ yo shit” rough or the slow “long john silver” special,
but often than not,
i’m not in regret when we are done.
so a recent video has been circulating about porn star,
he had a session with a fox that had almost everyone throwing up.
the attention is in the details

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It Felt Like I Had A Thousand Thick 9″ Dicks Inside Me

*the following is gonna be tmi for some,
but it’s honest for others and myself

i’m worn the fuck out this morning.
i didn’t go to bed until 4 something this morning.
i’m not complaining because i was up for a good reason
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f0xmail: He Went Deep and I Started to Bleed. Help!


hello jamari

im T from london
i always check your website for advices
you are very good at it
i have a problem
well a typical fox one lol

i have been active sexually as a fox for about 4 years but recently i had sex with¬† a wolf (hot ! lol) he did some “deep stroke” and then i started bleeding (which we noticed when he pulled out because i didn’t feel any pain etc) the bleeding stopped it was not really bad just some¬† reddish blood mixed with some hmmm inside fluids (sorry to be so graphic)
the thing is i don’t know if it’s a big issues because my behind is still fine,no pain or bleeding when im having my “me” time in the toilets lol, i wanted to know if i can see a doctor for that (which can be embarrassing) because i don’t know what lie to tell,
or should i wait for a couple of months to get it down there again ?
your advice and help will be good
cheers as british says

PS: we used protection

(this will have graphic content underneath.
so if you are whiny or “straight”,
i suggest you sit this one out)
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