f0xmail: He Went Deep and I Started to Bleed. Help!


hello jamari

im T from london
i always check your website for advices
you are very good at it
i have a problem
well a typical fox one lol

i have been active sexually as a fox for about 4 years but recently i had sex with  a wolf (hot ! lol) he did some “deep stroke” and then i started bleeding (which we noticed when he pulled out because i didn’t feel any pain etc) the bleeding stopped it was not really bad just some  reddish blood mixed with some hmmm inside fluids (sorry to be so graphic)
the thing is i don’t know if it’s a big issues because my behind is still fine,no pain or bleeding when im having my “me” time in the toilets lol, i wanted to know if i can see a doctor for that (which can be embarrassing) because i don’t know what lie to tell,
or should i wait for a couple of months to get it down there again ?
your advice and help will be good
cheers as british says

PS: we used protection

(this will have graphic content underneath.
so if you are whiny or “straight”,
i suggest you sit this one out)

well cheers back to you my english fox!
love that the foxhole runs international!
kudos as well on using protection.
okay so lets get into it…

“your ass is an asset”.
your foxhole is what you sit on and take a shit out of.
in this life,
our foxholes are what we use when we have sex.
your value sexually,
next to how good your head game is,
all depends on your juicy and tight your foxhole is.
no matter how fat or flat your cheeks are.
we should not be giving our foxholes to just “anyone”.
you meet a cute wolf,
you are vibin’ real heavy,
and next thing you know…
he is on top of you on the couch and fingering your guts out.
not that i know about that *cough*,
but things can happen and we give our foxhole to him.

when you decide to get down with a wolf,
he can and will give you a good pounding.
that pounding may make you bleed depending on how rough he was.

sidebar: foxes…
you ever had a wolf fuck you and he went real DEEP?
it felt like he entered another dimension in your body?
or is that just me?
moving on…

with anal sex,
sometimes you may bleed.
worse: you can tear your walls.
i say if you are fine and there is no more bleeding,
then you don’t need to see a doctor.
keep on monitoring it and lay off on getting any pipe layed.
i’m not a doctor,
so try the following at your own risk.
you can try soaking for a week in a tub of epson salt.
if you feel real brave,
add a little lemon juice.

after a pounding,
you should actually let your foxhole heal.
it all depends on your body.
i say a good week or two is fine.
a month or three is perfect.
i was just talking about this same issue in emails to one of my favs.
this is what he said:

“It depends on your body. We aren’t talking about like.. you have sex once and it takes weeks to go back to normal. You just cant have it every other day for months at a time and hes really big and you don’t use enough lube and you go at it for hours at a time. You’ll be just fine.

Your hole starts looking crazy when you have sex at intervals that don’t allow your body to heal and when you take really big peens. You HAVE to recover. Your body is designed to expand and contract. We defecate at least once a day obviously. But guys who fuck like every other day (there are those who do ya know) who’s pussy is getting literally BEAT UP will wear out the tissue and it cant snap back like it did before.”

you want to make sure you don’t put too much on your asset,
see the problem with most is they want to fuck all the time.
giving their foxholes to every tom,
big dick,
and harry they met on jack’d or grindr.
they want to put fists and cadillacs in their asses.
again: your ass is an asset.
getting banged ever night and week eliminates your sexual worth.
not to mention fucks your hole up.
we don’t have the luxury of having a pussy.
there is no stretch back to normal size.
even pussies get the shocks worn out after too much sex as well.
if you have to go to the doctor,
don’t feel embarrassed.
there are plenty of people who have been had anal sex issues.
if you’re ready to have sex,
then you should be ready to face the responsibility.
it maybe embarrassing,
but wearing adult diapers is as well.
so next time you have sex,
make sure you use a lot of lube and beware of the “deep stroke”.

hope this helps!

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jamari fox

need advice?
you know i’m always here: CONTACT

DISCLAIMER: jamari fox is not a doctor.

try the following at your own risk

always consult your doctor or do your own research.

24 thoughts on “f0xmail: He Went Deep and I Started to Bleed. Help!

  1. Bro it’s a shame about the bleeding!! Anyway if you need to go to a doctor but you feel embarrassed, what you can do is instead of going to your local gp just go to a walk in centre in another borough. So if your gp is in Peckham go to the walk in center in Soho or Finchley Road. That way you see a doctor whom U will never see again. All the best x

  2. Good advise. Chances are he did not use adequate lube, as usual, and he was bruised. Next time tell him to be ON TOP so he can control the strokes instead of his partner ‘going deep’ WTF with this deep shit especially if u had not had sex in a while! Its all about Control. That sex seemed to be a booty sex so no wonder he went deep, for his satisfaction.

    1. Thanks it’s my professional expertise lol.

      Indeed.. sex with no eye contact is called fucked lol.

  3. Remember to boost the fiber in your diet so your stools don’t come out hard, which can lead to hemorrhoids or even worse a tear in the anal tissue…

  4. ” i wanted to know if i can see a doctor for that (which can be embarrassing) because i don’t know what lie to tell,
    or should i wait for a couple of months to get it down there again ?’

    There are two people in this world you should never lie to: your LAWYER and your DOCTOR lol. But real talk in a huge international city like London you shouldn’t have any problem finding a doctor who is gay or a straight doctor who works within the gay community and specializes in gay men’s health. Your health should be a top priority and you should never feel like you have to hide information, especially sexually practices, in fear of being judged. I come from the country backwoods and when I told my family doctor who had been my physician since I was 5 that I was gay he literally handed me a pamphlet and walked out the room and we have never discussed that issue again. Now that I live in Atlanta, I made it a goal to find a gay doctor because I knew I would never feel scared to hold anything back.

    On a lighter note I want to shake that top’s hand and buy him a drink. I’m trying to get on his level! He going around rearranging organs and shit lol about to have foxes in the ER lmao!

  5. ugh, and I hate to have to tell the guy to “go slow” he should know how to pluck this fruit. I have had to tell my fb of 6 years to “go slow” over and over again, i guess he’s just excited to get up in this. That is why smaller dildos i use to open me up so i wont take away all the fun of taking the dick 🙂

  6. I had sex with this one wolf went so deep I swear his whole neighborhood could hear me moaning. I got odd stares as I left his apartment that day. Lol but I usually wait till about a week after I’ve had sex just to make sure everything is alright, soak in the tube with Epsom salts and i always use flushable wipes anyway. Plus a pain reliever.

  7. I would like to pay homage to the Wolf who banged this dude. DAMN!!
    He laid the pipe down on that ass, no mercy lol. I have to shake his hand, but only if he helps you nurse your cheeks. After all, he is responsible for your injury. Real Wolves tend to their Foxes after they hurt em.

    Told y’all before, you have to start preserving your asses. Foxes should not be getting banged more than three days a week. A few days a week is cool with me. I’m the type of Wolf who doesn’t need it all the time. Sometimes I just wanna chill and relax. If the Wolf does not care about your well being health wise, you do not need to be with him. If you ass still sore after the last banging, he needs to understand that when you tell him. During your next encounter man, use enough lube, and if you are in any discomfort tell the dude to ease up.

  8. i had an experience in dealing with a wolf who had a big dick last year and he was just keen on sliding in slow real nice at first then once he got into a certain point he would lose his mind and start to pound pound all crazy and i hated that!!!!! but overall he was a good lover but i had to instruct him…but we used plenty of lube and had fun….

    1. ^omg that is the worse!!!
      i told one to wait and he banged my brains out.
      …and he had a medium sized pipe.

      this is why i don’t do big dicks.
      they get wayyyyyy too excited inside you forgetting they so big.

  9. Nothing like preserving the tightness!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had one tight enough to make me tap out though.

    I’m the undefeated champ. They literally tap out lol.

      1. Funny because the ones that had the tightest asses I couldn’t get into got their asses ate until they nutted. I think knowing they weren’t lose and invaded made me commit to eating the ass more lol. That was in my least experienced days though.

        I find it’s all about presentation though.Usually lubing them down and opening their legs or turning them on their stomach and grinding your fat dick on their ass and giving them a preview of the the stroke game usually opens them up.

  10. Whoooaa chile. mmm mm mmm. I use dildos to open me up if I know I about to receive a big’one. And I put lube all up in there too before getting dug in deep.

      1. its great to me. It also helps me anticipate the penetration and gets me hornier, lol i use the 7inch ones that aren’t so thick 🙂

    1. I use dildos too, just so I’m ready to take it and to make sure I’m all the way clean back there.

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