f0xmail: He Went Deep and I Started to Bleed. Help!


hello jamari

im T from london
i always check your website for advices
you are very good at it
i have a problem
well a typical fox one lol

i have been active sexually as a fox for about 4 years but recently i had sex with  a wolf (hot ! lol) he did some “deep stroke” and then i started bleeding (which we noticed when he pulled out because i didn’t feel any pain etc) the bleeding stopped it was not really bad just some  reddish blood mixed with some hmmm inside fluids (sorry to be so graphic)
the thing is i don’t know if it’s a big issues because my behind is still fine,no pain or bleeding when im having my “me” time in the toilets lol, i wanted to know if i can see a doctor for that (which can be embarrassing) because i don’t know what lie to tell,
or should i wait for a couple of months to get it down there again ?
your advice and help will be good
cheers as british says

PS: we used protection

(this will have graphic content underneath.
so if you are whiny or “straight”,
i suggest you sit this one out)
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J Cole Made Me Cry (Damn Him!)

jcole2it was definitely a “rough day red” today.
i love j cole’s “born sinner” album.
it is one of the best hip hop albums released this year.
one of my favorite tracks is “crooked smile” with tlc.
well he released a short film to the song which was directed by sheldon candis.
all i know is i BAWLED!
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mental homework: (15)

skin color.
one of the biggest taboos in every lifestyle.
one that is better left unspoken:

who knew when i wrote this entry:

You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

it would lead to such a great discussion.
i love when everyone comes together and shares their stories.
i was blown away by all the comments in that entry,
all the various experiences and opinions,
but tajan and sanity comments really got me…

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The Unofficial Picture Guide To Giving The Perfect Throat.

quick foxhole townhall meeting.

everyone’s throat giving techniques is different.
deep throat.
always swallow.
some give head for pleasure.
others like to compete with the others who domed his dick to oblivion.
i personally like the power of having a wolf by the balls.
so no doubt i saw this and i had to show ou all the beginner foxes out there…

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When I Looked In Your Eyes, I Knew You Wanted To Kiss Me.

the world is filled with perfect strangers.
we are also one of those strangers.
we all have to interact with each other and play nice.
but what bout those who you see that make you feel a certain way?
that tingle.
you know what i’m talking about.
don’t act stupid now.
have you ever felt a certain way about someone who you felt you “loved“?
something inside felt like it plugged yourself into them.
daily as you interacted,
your feelings started to grow for this person.
could be the best friend,
new friend,
or the “straight friend”.
one day, you just knew you would get that.
every scenario felt like a scene from a 90s black movie.
love jones?
best man?
how you tryna get your groove back?

is this crazy?
or, is this just the everyday life of us…
..connecting with these walking blocks of “blood, bones, and feelings“?
i started to wonder…

Can you fall for someone you barely know?

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I Love It, I Love It (I Love It When We Sword Fight)

The things these D/L celebs do.
Many of which confuse me.
But then again,
as long as you do not piss in my mouth, shit in my ear, or expect me to rape a cow or chicken…
I’m pretty much down for whatever.

I was talking to an Industry Fox last night who told me about an event that went down quite recently…

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