J Cole Made Me Cry (Damn Him!)

jcole2it was definitely a “rough day red” today.
i love j cole’s “born sinner” album.
it is one of the best hip hop albums released this year.
one of my favorite tracks is “crooked smile” with tlc.
well he released a short film to the song which was directed by sheldon candis.
all i know is i BAWLED!

tumblr_m0hryrATkN1r7bma7o1_400“i feel you cole!
i feel you!
*blows snot bubble*”

j cole is so damn deep.

one of the deepest rappers in the game right now.
kanye use to be,
but you see where that went.
kudos j cole for such a thought provoking video!
don’t make me cry again.

x buy j cole’s born sinner
x download his truly yours & other mixtapes

Author: jamari fox

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