J Cole Keeps On Impressing Me

xeekgwyou see these group of hood wolves?
well you see the one in the grey?
the tall one wth the white fitted?
well that’s j cole.
guess where he is?
standing in ferguson on the spot michael brown was killed at.
there is also footage
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Did J Cole Get Caught With His Pipe In Thot Cookie Jar?

tumblr_mt8a6adxPy1swsf8eo1_500these new thots just don’t know to play the game,
don’t they?
they get some fresh pipe from someone in the industry and what they do?
go cash in their fresh 15 minutes online.
well the new thottie is a young jackal named briaaaaaal from vegas.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.07.44 PMclassy chick.
well she got some of that alleged j cole dick.
she wanted us to play guessing games.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 10.56.35 PMdoes it look like him?…
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J Cole Made Me Cry (Damn Him!)

jcole2it was definitely a “rough day red” today.
i love j cole’s “born sinner” album.
it is one of the best hip hop albums released this year.
one of my favorite tracks is “crooked smile” with tlc.
well he released a short film to the song which was directed by sheldon candis.
all i know is i BAWLED!
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tumblr_mhgcr4Bsmi1rpyat0o1_400rappers love to sag.
who knew rappers had such nice cakes?
well let the sagging commence…
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If President Barack Obama Was Dark, He’d Be A General Manager at Chick-fil-a

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.25.48 PMwell thank god for him being a redbone!
if he had tatts he probably would be a bigger sex symbol.
i keed.
i had to take a moment to post this real quick.
j cole was asked about the light skin/dark skin battle of video vixens.
he also mentioned that barack obama would not be president if he was dark.
do you disagree?…

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Yes! Yes! You’re The King… or Queen!


i won’t even lie,
but i’m really feelin yeezus.
*ducks tomato*
something about it…
this music battle show down was a good one,
but who will take the crown next week?
rap-up got the early estimates and well…

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