J Cole Keeps On Impressing Me

xeekgwyou see these group of hood wolves?
well you see the one in the grey?
the tall one wth the white fitted?
well that’s j cole.
guess where he is?
standing in ferguson on the spot michael brown was killed at.
there is also footage

i love you.
you know that?
there was no tweets or pr statements.
no bodyguards.
he just went on his own.
i love that about him.
other rappers…
your next!

lowkey: i wonder if jay z will head down there?
i think already know the answer tho.

12 thoughts on “J Cole Keeps On Impressing Me

  1. Not only in his songs, but he has also been big on giving back; apparently he is known for giving back to his hometown. Now you guys could be right and its pr but if it is then he is at least consistent and matches the image that he puts out. I personally think that it is genuine.

  2. Love J. Cole. However, I’m not surprised one bit. This is a PR move, and anyone who thinks otherwise gets a side eye. Nelly is from St. Louis, Missori, and he didn’t speak on the issue until people pressured him. Check his Twitter. Why would a rich man visit poor people? I think celebs will start to take advantage of this opportunity just Al Sharpton exploits situations like this to get attention for himself. Kim K will be there by late week. Y’all sleep on this shit man.

    1. Nubiansol, please note that J Cole is mixed, mulatto or biracial. He’s not African American or not fully so. African Americans are the descendants of Africans enslaved and brought to America so J Cole appears to be at most part African American.

  3. Thanks J Cole. Kanye West is an idiot and a buffoon. Why does he need to be where black men are giving each other put ups instead of put downs? Dean is right he only said that stuff because white people wouldn’t let him in their clique. He spent his whole life trying to join and now they are opening doors for him. Black men like him are sneaky, they cry racism only because they are shut out to just like a lot of pro black people I know. Watch out for them they are up to no good. Including black women too.

  4. I like J.Cole too. He’s the American version of Drake but not as tragic from what I hear.

    Jay Z should show up. He could probably get people to calm down. One thing I wonder is why Kanye has never showed up in Chicago to protest all the killings of black men. You’d think as big a mouth piece as he was back in 05 during Katrina that he’d be saying something about it.

    1. Kanye never had a big presence in Chicago…even after he moved to New York and started producing for Jay Z. In fact, there is a video of him making the ‘Homecoming vid back in 07. He stood in front of Cabrini Green projects w/ an entourage of maybe 10 or more. He never step foot in the project or met w/ any of the actual neighborhood ppl. He just used the location as a visual prop.

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