KeKe Palmer Opted For “Twerk Chic” In Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.25.23 PMsoooooooo….
^that is the outfit keke palmer decided to wear to ferguson to protest for michael brown.

hair done.
nails done.
twerk outfit did.
everyone is destroying her mentions about it.
( x see some destruction )
what happened to a simple jeans and t shirt?
i guess it should be the thought that counts.
the fact she went down there in the first place.
maybe she was “interview” ready?
personally i would have worn some kicks and “ready to bolt” wear.
they down there ack’n a fool.
the police also shown they not with the chill.

they ain’t about to get me in some foolishness.

lowkey: she had to put her janet jackon “poetic justice” hair in for this tragic event.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “KeKe Palmer Opted For “Twerk Chic” In Ferguson”

  1. Real talk, this str8 look like a photo was snapped at a music video shoot. She is a little too overdressed.

  2. well brings us to the important question raised “How does one dressed to attend a protest” and is it she had a prior engagement or one following her appearance at the protest. people just silly if he had come out dragged up as fcuk it would have been the reverse. so keke keep on thoting lol

  3. Keke is a ADULT. Keke is also a celebrity. Her wearing heels to a rally isnt any different from when Beyonce wore heels to Meet Trayvon Martins family at their rally. SOME women, when out in public decide to always have on heels, my grandma weara her kitten heels to family picnics, and with todays social media, these celebrities are getting caught at their worst and blasted for it. Keke doesnt have children and she has moneyyyy..and a career. SO of course her makeup will be done, hair will be done and her outfit is FAR from twerk’s a skirt, and keke is a upstanding individual….let this had of been rihanna…people woulda posted about how BEAT she was.

  4. Hey I don’t see a problem here. She showed up and represented. Everyone else who ain’t trying to help the situation in Ferguson should shut the fuck up.
    Back during the Civil Rights movement during the 50s and 60s folks dressed up in order to show black people were neat, clean and as normal as everyone else. Look at the old photos of Dr. King and even Malcolm X. Dark, conservative suits and thin ties. Women with shirt waists and hats and gloves.
    So why can’t KeKe doing the social justice thing in her heels?

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