so trey songz is the latest in 2020 cancellation?

everyone is coming for trey songz.
he has had accusations before,
but they were all swept under the rug.
in 2020,
this is the year of judgment.
he went from “dilf” to “get him tf outta here“.
so attenionista extraordinaire,
celina powell,
accused trey of holding her against her will and peeing on her:

in which he provided receipts to squash her claims…
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that’s the thing with the unevolved virgos

i don’t hate virgos,
but i often have to wait for the other shoe to drop with them.
after dealing with a few of them,
it’s always “something“.
there are 3 virgos that are creating waves in entertainment right now.

jada pinkett-smith ( 9/18 )
august alsina ( 9/3 )
keke palmer ( 8/26 )

for august,
i was waiting for his other shoe to land on that floor.
they tried to paint him as this innocent victim,
and i’m sure in some ways he is,
but we have seen his past antics throughout the years to know.
he came after keke palmer for no reason at all over this…

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Orlando Brown Helps To Allegedly Out Tremaine Neverson?

orlando brown,
who use to star on “that’s so raven” and is the resident alleged crackhead,
has a message for keke palmer.
he has some words of advice for her in regards to tremaine neverson.
“trey songz”,
for those who haven’t been in the foxhole long.
keke and tremaine had some confusion a couple weeks ago.
( x read bout it here )

this is what orlando had to say to her via ig
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Is Our Little August “September”Alsina Dating?

tumblr_n3dtdzWfRL1qgfdy4o1_1280so you know i love august alsina?
my ratchet wolf who can carry a tune.
well he seems to be dating someone now.
i already know who you THINK it is,
but ima need you to have some manners!
no its not THAT person he fell out with.
anyway this vixen put this up and it has the forest talking
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KeKe Palmer Opted For “Twerk Chic” In Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.25.23 PMsoooooooo….
^that is the outfit keke palmer decided to wear to ferguson to protest for michael brown.

hair done.
nails done.
twerk outfit did.
everyone is destroying her mentions about it.
( x see some destruction )
what happened to a simple jeans and t shirt?
i guess it should be the thought that counts.
the fact she went down there in the first place.
maybe she was “interview” ready?
personally i would have worn some kicks and “ready to bolt” wear.
they down there ack’n a fool.
the police also shown they not with the chill.

they ain’t about to get me in some foolishness.

lowkey: she had to put her janet jackon “poetic justice” hair in for this tragic event.