keke palmer’s baby daddy, darius jackson, is still being roasted over a high flame.

all he had to do was sit down,
be light skin,
and don’t touch anything.
does he even have a job other than working keke palmer?

the internet knows before these vixens do.
i think they do too but their baby fever clouds their judgment.
when someone is trash but we are in love or dickmatized,
we always miss or ignore the signs.
it rarely has anything to do with jealousy or being a hater:

People can see the bigger picture than what is being presented. 

 keke palmer’s baby daddy,
darius jackson (brother of dro from insecure/sarunas jackson)

…has been on the grill for the last few days.
it all started because he needed to start typing about keke on his twitter

which was giving “jealousy” to me.
was it the outfit or the fact that usher,
someone better who could pull and afford keke,
was involved?

all it took was that tweet and all hell broke loose.
folks didn’t like him so they were probably waiting for him to fuck up.
they started digging up all the ingredients to cook him.
from his alleged past blue lives matter/domestic violence tweets:

and now his alleged cheating has been added to the pot:

ay yi yi.
darius is getting deep-fried as he deserves.
well done,
black twitter.

it’s wild how vixens get into these situations to become single moms,
all while the baby daddy goes off to do whatever.
as much as there is outrage and embarrassment right now,
he is attractive and tied to known individuals in higher circles.
harsh truth: he will always get pussy.

Even if a wolf is triflin’ af in these situations,
there is always a new hole willing to take in a stray.

and shows us just how he truly wasn’t into his ex/baby mama anyway.

lowkey: halle bailey,
you might be up next.

2 thoughts on “keke palmer’s baby daddy, darius jackson, is still being roasted over a high flame.

  1. He was right but she’s a Disney star she’ll be like raven symone in a few years. She claim she is MOTHA but how are you a mother when you ain’t mothering and vice versa I always say him with the baby at work, home and on planes going to see her wicked ass on my ig feed. She all up on Usherboard ma’am pssss he has a girlfriend and a std. so sit down just not at that place because that ass is out..

  2. She should have investigated him more thoroughly. The proper sleuth would have found every ancient text he ever fonted. They would have broken Hammurabi’s code. They would have revealed to her that the chicken came before the egg🥚.
    Now there is a baby and she is permanently tied to this yellow belly cow paddy.

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