blueface just wanted to know if his son was happy.

if only we lived in a society that let people know:

“You don’t need to have kids.
You are gonna be a horrible parent.”

…and it’s okay to admit that truth.
more people need to be honest.
we don’t need you to have any children.
someone should have been honest with “rapper turned reality”,

having random kids should not be anyone’s fallback career.
blueface asked his young son:

“Are you gay?”


….his son was doing his own thing and not looking at vixen ass.
the high five like it was a badge of honor took me out.
i’m confused by the sexuality questioning tbh.
i wonder what would have happened…

If his son said yes?

…and would the reaction be recorded so we can finally put an end to this?

lowkey: if a male asked his daughter why she wasn’t looking at shirtless men,
and somehow tying that to her sexuality,

he would have been called in for questioning.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “blueface just wanted to know if his son was happy.”

  1. The stink emanating from this human being is so gross and putrid. I mean, his spirit is so foul. “And isn’t that the little boys Mom, or quasi Mother figure”?
    I fear that child will be engaged in or see adult situations prematurely. This mess causes “Soul Wounds”, which are extremely difficult to heal from.
    I was called a fag, sissy, sissified, punk at age 3 or 4. 🔵bitchface is so yuck.

  2. This is absolutely sicking! You don’t ask a child a question like that is he outta his damn mind!!! These men do too much.

  3. So freaking sad. At that age, why in the world would that question even be presented. This is why it is so.important for gay males, who care to do so, to live their lives proudly and freely. There is no shame or unnatural aspect in being gay.

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