the gays waited for pride month to end to send in their divorce papers

billy porter and adam smith.
ricky martin and jwan yosef.
 2 gay marriages.
6 years between both marriages.
2023 is when they both met their end.
i guess they waited for pride month to be over.
i don’t really pay much attention to billy outside of pose tbh.
ricky and jwan looked like they had amazing sex tbh.


when i saw recent pictures of ricky,
even tho this is a sexy couple,
i said to myself that his eyes looked really sad.
i wonder if they were open like a majority of gay relationships/marriages?


Many marriages won’t work in the long run.

6 years is a long time t00.
even though i don’t want to get married atm,
one of my lightweight fears is deciding to marry and it ends in failure.
that can really fuck with your mind.

Imagine giving your all,
doing whatever to make it work,
even trying to do things to please your partner even if you secretly hated it,
just to end in divorce and have to start over again.

Imagine being hurt by black males,
finding love in another race,
getting married as a big “fuck you!” to those who hurt you,

only to see that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all.

Imagine meeting the male of your dreams,
you deciding to get married,
and him realizing later on in the marriage,
he wants to be “straight” again.

Imagine being off and on with someone for years,
finally deciding to become married after being engaged for so long,
and it ends shortly after for the final time.

Imagine being married to a vixen for many years,
having the kids and the whole shebang,
but only dip on her after all those years for the man of your dreams.

God forbid people around you were barking about red flags too.

i think about all the straights i know,
including the adults in my life,
whose marriages ended/ending in a disaster.
some had lowkey marriages; others had literal events.
a majority shared the same common theme a few years later:


it made me wonder:

Why does it take a whole marriage to realize two people are not compatible for the long haul?

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “the gays waited for pride month to end to send in their divorce papers”

  1. Marriage is hard work. It’s a full-time job. That said, I believe it’s worth it. I know many gay couples who have lasted twenty or thirty years. It’s a risk worth taking and if you fail, have the nerve to try it again.

  2. Marriage has NEVER appealed to me. I think I saw way too much growing up and on top that I LOVE my personal space. But I will say 6 years is a long time, some things just don’t work out. Those gifs of ricky and his husband are sad because they looked so over each other.

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