so mama palmer allegedly outs usher to protect keke?

you get caught up in the crossfire with other people.
they are beefing and you randomly get dragged into it.

Sidebar: we tried to had told Keke Palmer about that jackal of hers.
She told us to mind our business.
Some vixens always end up in this kind of drama with a BD.
They want a kid and settle for anyone with the semblance of looks and good dick.

…but usher has been minding his business,
drinking his water,
and doing his shows at his vegas residency.
it seems like its outing season for this scorpio season cause…

…but allegedly,
it was all a lie cause:

…she said it so keke’s jackal would stop abusing…


brilliant lie mom.
absolutely top ten in lies that could be used.

we will all go with that.
i’m sure that call from usher’s camp had something to do with it too.

4 thoughts on “so mama palmer allegedly outs usher to protect keke?

  1. I’m sorry Harlee but I fail to see the logic. No one is overlooking anything, some still shots were released to the public and we don’t know what the complete outcome of that interaction was, when the police were called to the scene for the instance that was in question they noted in their report “ No domestic violence incident” and they recommended both parties attend family mediation for the custody dispute.

    Domestic violence is a serious matter and I don’t play gender games, I don’t care who is doing what wrong is wrong. Like I said in my previous post I think people are trying to nail Darius to the cross and give Keke a pass when they were both doing wrong, and that’s not cool. Also when I listened to the Armon take again, he could’ve had more tact but his points were spot on.

    I believe in calling out the wrong on both sides and in equal measure where appropriate, I don’t see how calling out Darius is ok, but calling out Keke is seen as trying to humble women. So by that logic men can only call out men but women can call out both? Like I said before call out Darius and call out Keke.

  2. This is a hot mess. And if you listen she even said the name and best believe there aren’t many people that know about that lawsuit because it was sealed and he settled outside of court. To hear her say his name I had to raise up out the bed because I know for a fact she ain’t lying. I’m like now his come up makes sense.

  3. First off, I say that no one should be in an abusive relationship and that applies to both women and men.

    That being said, I’m sorry but Armon Wiggins just exposed the hell out of Keke Palmer, I don’t know if you have time to check out his show but it was a good watch and I also 100% agree with his take on the situation.

    I’ve said time and again that women lack accountability and while people will say that no one should be in an abusive relationship judging by a lot of the comments I’ve seen women want an exemption when it comes to the violence they inflict on men. We know from Keke’s book that she has admitted to being an abuser and then we find out through released audio via Armon Wiggins that she actually admits to putting her hands on Darius because of the way he made her feel essentially apologizing for that behavior, instead of dealing with those facts people just dismiss them and act as though they never happened; and I’m sorry but that’s not how this works anymore in 2023. I think we’re still uncomfortable as a society believing that a man especially one of Darius’s stature (I believe he’s supposed to be anywhere from 6’2 to 6’4) can be an abuse victim.

    The bottom line I believe that both Keke and Darius were toxic and abusive to each other, Darius was verbally and emotionally abusive to Keke and Keke was verbally and physically abusive to Darius; and honestly, I don’t want that for either party. I think this is really about custody and child support; no woman wants to be Halle Berry economically having to pay child support to some man for the next 18 to 21 years.

    This situation is getting ugly between the two families and Usher became collateral damage in the crossfire.

    1. I think its interesting you ignore the videos of Darius being physically abusive to her as well. Plus, Keke doesn’t have to be accountable to the public ( especially is she already did to the party involved). Red pill men like Armon has an agenda to humble women. Darius stepped into HER world…and could have easily left without dropping his seed off.

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