usher “does” bad decision on a spiritual level

bey gets it right.
when she has a project coming out,
she stays quiet while promoting her brand.
at this point,
she doesn’t even give anyone interviews anymore.
she lets us feast on her drops and we do all the talking/fonting.
before and during her big moments,
she has mastered the art of silence.
during her downtime,
she is like a sleeping dragon who stays off the radar until she is awake.

Bey carries herself like royalty.

who just had a huge career resurgence and has everyone in lust

decides to go do this

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usher got a knockout by diddy that sent him to the hospital?

“Now why am I in it?” Usher in his Nene Leakes voice.

folks are trying to get usher caught up (see what i did there?) in diddy’s mess.
ever since diddy got exposed by cassie,
the forests have been barking loud about his alleged bts behavior.
apparently and allegedly,
diddy put usher in the hospital at one point?…

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orlando brown is the black male celebrity hole slayer?

we don’t font or talk about mental illness in this country enough.
orlando brown is clearly mentally ill but…

What if he is telling the truth?

devil’s advocate,
of course.

he claims that he has taken down many of the black male celebrity wolves we know…

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the “i could have done better” crowd have issues with usher

as a millennial,
i pulled up to see my gen x legend give us a performance.
usher has been a part of many of our lives since we were young.
he has done some dumb shit over the years that has gotten him caught up.
see what i did there?
he’s like bey with songs that bring back hella memories.

Sidebar: I’m listening to Confessions and I am taken back to a time when I was getting over someone.
I couldn’t listen to this album for a long time but it still sounds so fresh as it did in 2004.

i remember when “yeah” dropped and all the white wolves lost their shit.
that song in the club use to activate peak “copy the video” too.
so when i see…

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stream usher’s bawdy at a skims ad near you

i love this back situation on the cover of usher’s new album,
coming home.

in a few days,
usher is planning on rocking out worlds for the superbowl halftime show.

i didn’t keep up with football this year so i’m only there for him.
i’m seeing the hype is starting to set in.
his music is being advertised on every streaming service.
he is using his bawdy next to advertise and kim kardashian is helping him do it…

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so mama palmer allegedly outs usher to protect keke?

you get caught up in the crossfire with other people.
they are beefing and you randomly get dragged into it.

Sidebar: we tried to had told Keke Palmer about that jackal of hers.
She told us to mind our business.
Some vixens always end up in this kind of drama with a BD.
They want a kid and settle for anyone with the semblance of looks and good dick.

…but usher has been minding his business,
drinking his water,
and doing his shows at his vegas residency.
it seems like its outing season for this scorpio season cause…

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