orlando brown is the black male celebrity hole slayer?

we don’t font or talk about mental illness in this country enough.
orlando brown is clearly mentally ill but…

What if he is telling the truth?

devil’s advocate,
of course.

he claims that he has taken down many of the black male celebrity wolves we know…

Sidebar: Usher’s a gusher tho?

was he invited to one of diddy’s freak offs?
imagine getting invited to one of diddy’s freak offs?
i’d ask to be there when the baller wolves were in attendance.
preferably king james.
…but anyway who,
besides terrance howard and katt williams,
ironically all have alleged gay rumors behind them.

The truth is stranger than fiction.

even if he is telling the truth,
no one will believe it anyway.
would you?

lowkey: orlando was cute before he fully went full villain arc...

… but do we believe he was a wolf slayer in these entertainment forests?

9 thoughts on “orlando brown is the black male celebrity hole slayer?

  1. As wack as Hollywood is Orlando Brown sounds very unwell in that clip. When he says his father is “Lucifer,” that’s the giveaway. He’s been struggling for years and social media and TV exposure aren’t helping the issue.

  2. It’s hard to watch the video that’s Included… for me at least, this is a scene I’ve seen too many times! I don’t want to interpret it! Medical professionals need to be held accountable, family members need to be held accountable!

  3. Sadly he is not exaggerating here. No one will come and trying to swat him out unless this takes on a life of its on. The game is called let it air out until the next batch of dirty laundry is up for the wash.

  4. I believe it. Why do you think he did Bad Boys Club?

    I am sure I could bend MoCity over.

    Kerrion I think..has trauma and is acting his trauma and…wasn’t protected in the church.

    Anygay, if he wasn’t married, he could smash.

    Saying Usher is a gusher is so hot giggles

    1. I just watched. That last line scared me.

      So much is going to come out about Hollywood this year.

      I understood everything he said. He’s not bragging. He is…leaving a trail if something hapoens to him.

      KeKe Palmer’s mom outing Usher, the anonymous guy during his trial..come on now. Nobofy in Hollywood got to where they are without being hurt or hurting others.

      You know this Jamari. You refuse to hurt and have been punished for not playing the game.

      Your time will come.

  5. Po thang. Bless his heart. While I def think he’s rambling, I do find it interesting that everytime he goes on these rants, it’s always about male celebs, eventho he says he’s straight. At best, I think he’s probably moreso dropping names of ppl who are at least attached to gay rumors (everyone knowing but not outing ppl has always been a big thing in Hollywood). Or it could be victim trauma.

    Either way, his bipolar extremes be really extreme, and this man needs some serious help w managing his mental health.

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