when did kelly rowland become beyonce’s spokeswoman?

we will always have someone in our lives who is better than us.

the local celebrities on social media.
we will always stand in their shadows

…but that doesn’t mean we have to do their PR either.

we should NOT be answering about anyone else but our own stuff.
this is my issue with my beautiful vixen,
kelly rowland.
during her press runs for her new movie,
mea culpa” with fione ass trevante rhodes…

they keep asking her about whatever bey got going on.
she finally flipped her wig here…

okay but um,
big tigga should know better.
he has been in this business way too long for this fuck shit right chea.

Kelly has also been in this business way too long for this fuck shit either.

who is her PR and do they like her?
does she have PR?
i’m confused at why bey questions aren’t allowed in her interviews.

Most celebrities teams look over questions before the interview.

i love bey but i’d cut the shit off like solange does.
this is the same kelly running to chris brown’s defense tho:

check out mea culpa to see kelly rowland without bey on feb 23rd.

5 thoughts on “when did kelly rowland become beyonce’s spokeswoman?

  1. Kelly has PR people and many times they do screen questions and say what will and won’t be allowed to be asked. Many times interviewers will disregard those directives and ask anyway. I’m sure that’s what happened here and I don’t blame Kelly one bit!

  2. First of all, Kelly Rowland is foine. Second, it’s very disrespectful and all of these media personalities know it, but they can’t get to Bey, so they try to get it from her when she is doing many things out here. It’s sad that no matter how much she accomplishes, they just ignore her talents and the reason she’s even there. It’s actually unprofessional to repeatedly do this to her, as if her highest honor is being close to someone else when she has a lot going on for her. Can’t confirm, but I have heard that her team has told them not to ask about Bey but people do it anyway. Sad that they can’t acknowledge another person and only seek to validate them by their association with someone else. She had a whole verse on a song about being in her shadow and yet her they are trying to bring her back in it again.

  3. They are lucky she’s a class act and didn’t get catty or nasty. 💁🏾‍♂️ good for her!

  4. I am very proud of this talented and graceful woman. She wasn’t treated fairly by the TODAY Show—they knew they were wrong. These other folks disrespecting her are lucky she is a lady.

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