stream usher’s bawdy at a skims ad near you

i love this back situation on the cover of usher’s new album,
coming home.

in a few days,
usher is planning on rocking out worlds for the superbowl halftime show.

i didn’t keep up with football this year so i’m only there for him.
i’m seeing the hype is starting to set in.
his music is being advertised on every streaming service.
he is using his bawdy next to advertise and kim kardashian is helping him do it…

i’ll allow it.
he looks so good for 45.
he been taking good care of himself tho.
he looks like a better version of his younger self.

i love when folks tell me that black folks won’t work with kim.
money and exposure talks.
kim is hanging out with the carters these days.
she is getting slayed by odell beckham jr.
kim was taught the most about networking.

I’m waiting for Lebron and those thick legs and thighs situation of his to grace the fabric of a Skims ad next.

or odell.
someone big is coming and i’ll be doing the same.

lowkey: a free song for a week?
oh kim means business.

1 thought on “stream usher’s bawdy at a skims ad near you

  1. People can keep bringing up that Tape all they want…no of the other people who dropped a tape at that time (for clout) turned it into a billion dollars. She strategized and executed !

    Happy Usher is getting his moment, he has the catalog for it. The white audience is complaining he doesny deserve it because THEY don’t know who he is! (Hard eyeroll) meanwhile, many of the YT pop stars took many pages out of his book. JustinCough Timcoughberlake

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